Aug | 21 | Sun | Kent | Sevenoaks | Preaching Later Today

Well 20 days to go!

Frankly I am panicking. I have so much to do before then including two preaching engagements, radio prep, two day seminars, and a magazine article for Sorted. Oh yes, and that may include moving house! Mental but necessary as we can no longer afford to live here. Don’t panic!

We went to a birthday party last night in Bexley Heath. About 40 people crammed into a downstairs terraced house. It was great. Just like being in an East Enders episode. It made me realise just how comparatively lifeless I have become. NOTE | I am going to party more and spend more time with real people rather than religious people.

Yes I am preaching later today up in Woolwich. Can’t wait!

I think I have a tooth issue emerging. Blooming typical. Sigh…


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