Aug | 23 | Tue | Kent | Sevenoaks | Librarians Rejoice!

I sat on the toilet this morning reading the news on my iPad (it’s a wonderful tool) and I was musing over the fact that the Librarians were rejoicing over the possible toppling of the Tripoli dictator. It seems that even those sedate men and women of books were even happy despite  the bombs and bullets destroying their reading material. And while I contemplated the scene, it slowly became obvious that it was in fact  the Libyans and not the Librarians that were rejoicing! It was obvious that despite wearing my glasses I need a new prescription. One wrong word paints a very wrong big picture. I must remember that.

So anyway, we are still in the last three weeks of tour preparation and frankly, I have far too much to do. It seems every decision I am having to make at the moment is a big one which has great repercussions. Please pray for me..meanwhile….

Does anyone want to use my iPad?

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