Aug | 24 | Wed | Kent | Sevenoaks | The Reason Why

Amidst all the Tour preparations I am still working on the book of ‘Job’ for Sorted Christian Men’s Magazine. Stressed! You had better believe it.

Why am I doing this? Well one of the reasons is that many Christians believe there is a big gap between Broken Britain and the supposed answer of the Big Society. Along with not a few folk, I believe this gap if filled by the Bible which will fix one and enable the other.

This is done by proclaiming those Bible Words which call us to an absolute morality, and that’s one thing our politicians will never tell you. Yes, The Bible proclaims an absolute morality which when we stand before the height measuring device to see if we come up to its absolute standards and can therefore¬† get on that particular ride of righteousness, we find that none of us are tall enough! Not the Queen, the Priminister or the Archbishop or me. All of us fall short of these Divine standards. Along side that them thank God, is the declaration of scandalous grace, unmerited favour shown to undeserving sinners, which is like taking a repentant arsonist looter, forgiving him, increasing his benefits to the level of Richard Banscombe’s daily spend, giving him a 5 bedroom house in Eton, whose walls are packed with plasma T’V’s and then telling him he doesn’t have to pay the licence fee either.

Bottom line then, when preaching from each book of the Bible – that’s my job!

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