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  • Ask | For God’s Richest Blessing The Three Ladies I spoke 2 in the Luggage shop in Chichester and gave Bibles and SORTED magazines to for the bloke in their life. (Did you know SORTED is going to be in WH SMITH in January for the coming year! well done Steve Legg) –
  • For the disabled in body and mind lady I met in Chichester Cathedral who has a brain Tumour-
  • For Rose’s (not real name) mother who is 91, in a home with dementia and dying.
  • For the Rector (Rev Craddock) of St Georges, that he would feel his whole like is in God’s most careful hands.
  • For the Mayor of Chichester Councillor Tony French, that God would bless and guide him.
  • Thanks be to you, our Lord Jesus Christ,
    for all the benefits which you have given us,
    for all the pains and insults which you have borne for us. Most merciful Redeemer, Friend and Brother,
    may we know you more clearly, love you more dearly,
    and follow you more nearly, day by day. Amen. (The prayer of St Richard of Chichester..there’s a song there somewhere!)
  • Thanks | For being able to proclaim God’s message at St Georges in CHICHESTER
  • Implore | For God’s will to be donePORTSMOUTH TOMORROW. For Divine appointments please. and of course for PROVISION



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I couldn’t get up this morning – so eventually crawled out of bed around 5:30am with still lots to do getting packed etc. I wanted to make sure that I had everything in the car, so I did not have to come back. Of course on top of that I still had software to load on my laptop and prepare some email templates for the coming days and various updates etc.

Apart from about 45 minutes break to pray with Bridget and take a bath ( I was humming like David’s lyre after a long strum) It was 11:30am and I still had not gotten away for the two hour trip down to Chichester. Still, though the car looked like an IED from aged concern had gone off in it, I was ready to go. I double checked everything. It was a mess, but it was all there. I wouldn’t be back for a while. However, I couldn’t help but feel that I would be back tonight? Anyways – I was off to Chichester.

I had already that morning via email; and phone made contact withSouthern Counties Radio

  • Passion DAB
  • Spirit FM
  • Chichester University – Head of Religious Studies
  • The Dean of the Cathedral and
  • Three Other Local Churches in Chichester
  • oooh and the Lord Mayor’s Office

The only people who got back to me, were the Cathedral who told me that the Dean was away that day. PERSEVERE! I would go anyways, and see who was there.

Now, by the time I had travelled the 90 miles and got to Chichester, stoked up on MacDonalds Coffee ( I AM NOW AWAKE!) it was maybe 2:30 in the afternoon and it was time to begin.

It has been quite a few years since I last came to Chichester with Bridget and if anything, the city looked even more plush and well to do than the last time I was hear. This was not Canterbury, this had a very upper class feel to it. Tres Chic. Chichester is very asset rich.

I wandered up and down the High Street, North Street, East and West Street, there were no sellers of the Big issue. There were lots of foreign voices though, hard looking and hard working chaps from the continent all looking for employment. Indeed, I helped a Mohican misfit from Bratislava find the recruitment agency he was looking for. I am getting the sense, that the crisis in the Eurozone will throw even more economic migrants in this direction. The storm that was coming upon us, will have many fronts.

In Chichester, the parking near the town was not on a metre but by purchased tickets from a local shop. Blooming eck, now I had to find a shop that sold them! I was worried because I was told that the Parking boys around here were worse than Brighton and Hove. NO WAY! Brighton & Hove parking office is run like the Mafia, slick, unwavering, unmerciful, and as greedy as Scouser after ten Sambukas, rolling over violaters like Nazis over Poland. Chichester can’t be that bad? Meanwhile, while rummaging in the back of the car, I find I have left my memory stick at home (aaaarghghghghg – together with a power converter and two other bits of kit….deeeeeeeeeeeeep sigh) I slam the hatchback down and trudge away. I think to myself “Robert, You Plonka!”

Anyhoo, I eventually find a Luggage shop to get said ticket and whilst I am buying my two scratch cards, the two ladies behind the counter are are talking to another lady customer about some woman being “so dowdy that she must be married to a missionary..” really…

“Excuse me ladies, what does that say about that missionary husband then! Are they cheap and boring?!” I say…. laughing.
“Well, most church people are boring aren’t they. I mean our vicar…….”
“Bloody hell” says I “you can’t judge all men like that!” I mean c’mon, what about me can you guess what I do? You must watch ‘What’s my line ladies!’ You’ve got three questions and then just one guess.
” Are you working now” says Katy
” I am” says I
“You’re a vicar!” Says Rose!
We laugh. (Do I really look like a vicar?) I share with them what I am doing and ask them if I can take my survey. They agree.
Out of this survey comes a long conversation and some interesting answers and you along with it all, some very heartfelt and very disappointed observations about some of the people of God they have in their families. Let me summarise…

“My brothers wife is a born again Christian and all she does is preach at us. But she never helps us. She has cut herself off from the rest of the family.”
“My Mother in law is ALWAYS at church – she has got her head in the Bible every morning. Her husband can’t even disturb her..and she’s just not very nice”
“I wouldn’t go to church to hear a sermon cause its always dead boring and the people are hypocrites”

Now there are three sides to every story. Yours, mine and the truth, but you know I was disturbed that these folks had been put off Jesus by Christians in their family. I am sure I have been guilty of putting off people in my family. I am quite sure of it.

On behalf of Jesus I apologised for the impression they had been left with. I acknowledge that sometimes we Christians can get so up our own bum that we cease to be human. Oh and by the way, I told them that when I preached no body was bored and if they started nodding off I would go and wake the buggers up. They believed me. We laughed again.

I returned with two New testaments a copy of Sorted (thanks Steve) for Katy’s husband. The bottom line is we Christians, NEED TO BECOME MORE HUMAN. MORE TOUCHABLE. MORE CLAY-LIKE. MORE HONEST ABOUT OUR OWN FAILINGS. People don’t like plastic. It made me realise more than anything that Christ died to make me human. The incarnate Christian is above all things approachable, touchable, real.

I assured the customer that I would pray for her. Her husband dying four years ago was still an open wound. She showed me his picture, well worn and pulled from her purse. ” My Husband’s mum is now 91. She is in a home, has dementia and is dying. Would you pray for her?”

In the corner of the luggage shop, I put my arm around her and pray.

Thankfully, the parking people were not trained in Brighton and Hove. So when I got back to the car, I put my hour long scratch cards on the dashboard and walked off to the Cathedral, scouting out places to preach in the open air….if necessary…

In the Cathedral office, I eventually met with the very nice Communications officer who told me that NONE of the Clergy were in that day and she had no authority to make a decision. That was fine by me. Still, I needed to pray, so I wander off into the Cathedral and am delighted to find that the entrance is free.

There is an exhibition of sacred and profane art…interesting…and as I am looking a disabled woman comes up to me and says
” I am from Basingstoke. Where are you from? I used to be the manager of a Travel agent in London. I fell on the floor. I have a brain tumour.”
It was an interesting start to a conversation. We chatted very briefly, when within 30 seconds the lady says to me again….
” I am from Basingstoke, Where are you from…….”
It’s a sad world, and as usual the church attracts all the hurting in society. Everybody hurts sometimes. I sigh.

Chichester Cathedral houses a relic. That’s right! A piece of St Richard is buried under the alter in the Shrine of St Richard. It’s armless enough (tee-hee) nowadays, but at one time, these things were massive money makers, fleecing the pilgrims of their hard earned cash as they sought favours from above, or with some dead saint that might be able to get them favours from above. Nowadays we sell holy handkerchiefs or miracle water on television. The Hucksters have just got more technical. Thinking about help from above. I stall hadn’t heard from the Mayor….

While I am praying, my phone rings. It’s a Pastor from Cambridge. Peter Cavanna from Kings Church wants to do a joint operation with a Baptist church. It’s on 13th of November and my text if from 3 John! HOW DO YOU DO AN EVANGELISTIC EVENT FROM 3 JOHN. Hilarious!

I have already have my title. “How to Get Rich in Jesus – Soul Prosperity” Anyways we shall see. I had to speak in hushed tones on the phone and sounded like someone form ‘Tinker, Tailor, Solder Spy‘, cant wait to see the new Movie..

I move the car into the car park and put two hours on the meter. The PA system is calling me a coward. I go looking for the Mayor.

Eventually his office tells me that he is at home, but as the number is published and available, I give him a call and interview Councillor French over the telephone. That night, The Lord Mayor is hosting a Cheese and wine event at St Georges church for everyone involved and interested in the town twinning with Chartres in France. “It’s a captive audience” he says, “Why not come along and speak to us there.” I meet Mr Mayor briefly at his office. He is checking me out to see that i am not a looney. Wise man. And then for me, its off to the car, to get my laptop and then buy some grub. I am starving. As I get my PC from the boot, I laugh at the now silent PA system.

Parking myself in Neros, I am forced to indulge in hot chocolate and a hot meatball and Mozzarella Panini. I am plugged into the cloud and checking emails. As 6:00pm approaches, one of the Barrista’s comes round GIVING AWAY the pastries of the day! I take a Pan au Chocolate. “Can I take one for my wife as well?” I say smiling. ” Sure” he says. This was not a cheeky lie. It was a prophetic act. I think….. IT WAS FREE! Anyways, I was speaking to the Mayor and some of his staff tonight and I needed the energy. St Georges is around the corner in the Parish of Rhumboldwyke. It sounded like something form Hans Christian Anderson.

Wyke is mentioned in Doomsday Book where it was held by ‘five men as five manors’. In 1086 it was held under Earl Roger de Montgomery. By the thirteenth century Rumboldswyke was a small hamlet, the priest lived in the thatched priest’s house near to the church. Members of the de Wykes family were lords of the Manor of Rumboldswyke from 1274 until 1317. I pull into the parking lot and am greeted by Julia (who is doing the Chartres presentation tonight) and her husband Hans. I kid ye not.

I meet the Vicar. Father Stuart Cradduck who is the Rector of this Liberal Anglo Catholic and particular patronised church. (Ahhh Anglicanism). He assures me that a Rector DOES NOT live in the Rectum. Though with his wife and kids, the church house does feel a bit pokey sometimes. Stuart is an amazing guy, who at Christmas time, transforms the inside of the church into a Christmas wonderland with an ice skating ring and over thirty Christmas trees, some hung upside down from the rafters. They are doing the same this year but also adding a Ski Slope outside. The local undertakers have financed the big spend and they hope to raise another £12,000 for charity. Last tear they had 3,000 visitors and have grown the church to over 200 attenders. Go figure! “We are all students of church growth” says Stuart, and ” I watch dragons Den.” We pray. I like him. He makes me feel sane.

People start arriving. Mr Mayor (bloody nice bloke) walks in and I recruit his lovely daughter and mother of three to be the camera woman. Councillor French gets chained up. (Now there’s a headline.) The President gives me five to ten minutes and we’re off! People are listening.

I am not happy with what I have shared. It seemed motivational. I hate motivational messages. maybe it was. I dunno. I will listen later.

Numbers 4 of 66 Hosted by the Lord Mayor of Chichester @ St Georges
I hope you are blessed.

Mr Mayor (THANK YOU SO MUCH COUNCILLOR FRENCH FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY) goes into his meeting and I go to the car. I need that memory stick. it’s 90 miles back to my house.
This car is fast and at one point my lead foot takes me up to nearly a hundred. WHOA THERE. I catch myself. I am still thinking about me missing the mark with Numbers.

A text comes in on my Phone. it’s Sam, a Pastor from Northern Ireland who has got me to coem and speak..somewhere…and it says “I’m taking my Bible Study tonight. David and his men in 1 Sam 30, how they were ‘fainting and yet pursuing’ V10, I though this would be apt for you as you have just started your journey. God bless. Will have the church praying for you.” I am encouraged. I slow down even more.

Arriving back in Sevenoaks, Bridget smiles as I walk in the door. It’s quite late but she makes a cup of tea. we sit down together to unpack the day, and out of my rucksack I pull two pastries, wrapped in a Nero’s Napkin. Nice. I am prophet and not a liar after all.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

P.S. I am off the Portsmouth tomorrow and need some Divine Appointments – Please pray for me will you? Blessings.

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  1. jabulani9 says:

    Earl Roger de Montgomery was the bloke what built Arundel Castle in 1066…the original one like, not the one you see now. Just a little bit of local trivia for you. Kind of bummed I didn’t get to see you when you were just on my doorstep! Phoooeey. I would even have joined you at Nero’s 😉 Blessings to you for tomorrow in Pompey. They’re mad as a box of frogs down there 😀

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