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  • Ask | The Mayor of Truro Councillor Rob Nolan who really blessed me. And for a Liberal Democrat ( 🙂 ) Is doing an AWESOME job. For Canon Lambert, who was incredibly helpful and interested in 1st Kings!
  • Thanks | For having a B & B to stay in.
  • Implore | For the people who stopped and listened and took a sound byte with them
  • I am inWELLS TODAY. So please pray for Divine appointments please…….and of course for PROVISION



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I had set the alarm for 04:45am this morning. I had some blogs to update and also had update our 4 Devotional adds on iTunes. The ‘Harp’ alarm sounded on my iPhone and the vibration module drove the phone across the wooden table. I turned it off quickly. I was utterly exhausted.

I knew I needed to be up and out of the house by 06:45am so I did a quick calculation on maybe needing 30 minutes for ablutions, getting dressed, and packed and out the door. That gave me another 90 minutes in bed. I needed it. I was not getting up now…

I was actually up and getting ready at six. The car was packed and by 6:45 I was following Peter across Plymouth to what used to be a ‘Prayer Place for all nations.’ It was now a language school for Asylum seekers. Apparently the churches just didn’t take up the use of this most marvellous facility. They were this morning though and this group met every week.
The group was mostly 65 plus and retired. Old grey heads. Just a minute! I’m an old grey head! Even so, I wondered where all the younger folk were. Just who were these people?

Chris, my wonderful host from Plymouth Churches together is now up the front and sharing about the housewife Debra Green and the organisation ‘Redeeming our Communities’. Chris has by faith, hired a 2,500 seat auditorium. So far the Police and the fire brigade have given £5,000 each to the initiative and a retiring chief inspector of the city is being allowed to project manage the thing. Bloomin Eck! This is fantastic. The three main services see the need and the positive aspect that the Christian community is making. Grey haired folks or not! Obviously they are seeing the effect that Christians are having for good and are also saving money by investing money. It’s a no brainer. Chris is a statesman.

I get a chance to share about 66 Cities. I tell them I was here 33 years ago as a young sailor and that I got saved through the work of ‘Aggies’. Chris used to work for Aggies and I see a number of older men acknowledge the RN and the work of Aggie Weston’s. They have salt on their shoulders. I closing I say “ I thank God for the work of churches together (only 40 out of some 120 churches? In Plymouth is part of this..Mostly I suspect for doctrinal reasons) I thank God for the work of those ministries we call PARA-CHURCH which have gotten alongside churches and provided facilities to share in the Great Commission of Jesus. Now there is a need for a new entity for cities. The META-CHURCH movement. A series of Ambassadors, individuals sent from churches and supported by churches with no strings attached to churches (imagine that) whose sole purpose is not to represent local churches directly but to represent Jesus on behalf of churches. I Kind of new City Mission Movement to Civil authorities”. I think this is happening. I think this is absolutely necessary and need to become a new church movement. By engaging socially at a community level we MUST engage at a political and governmental level. I speak as a Pastor and pastors and local churches do not do this well. Why? Because they have church growth agendas. This ambassadorial Meta-Church movement must have no local church baggage. Anyways, I will speak more about that later.

Chris divides the praying people into two groups “Storming Shouters in the other room please and the quiet meditative lot over here” the people happily move to their areas of choice. Chris sides up to me and says “I think you should join the stormier and shouters.” Cheeky bugger.

I do and have a great time.

We finish at 8:00am and retire for a breakfast of toast and marmalade. An older chap gives me a tenner for the journey. He was in naval uniform for 49 years! He recently lost his wife of 51 years. The loss was incalculable to him. A moments silence a lower lip shake and a brief bowed head before recovering his composure somewhat, almost moved me to tears. I honestly do not what I would do without Bridget? I remember St Pauls and the new anthem at the start of this tour putting some of her majesties comments on 911 to music “Grief is the price we pay for love”. The other guy at the table introduced himself to me. He was retired RN (Captain) and new of the work of Aggie Weston. As he talked it dawned on me in just a cotton pickin minute that I knew this guy! He was an oceanographer, and that meant an awful lot of sea time. We had met in Rosyth. I was an Able Seaman, and he was a Lieutenant and at Aggie Weston’s we were brothers. It was this same Ian Turner who saw the vision for the ‘Boiler Room’ birthed in the man that led me to the Lord, Rev John Cropley. The Boiler room was a real place of prayer, the thing that powered the work of the Royal Sailors rest in Rosyth on the East Coast of Scotland. That was 32 years ago and here we were having toast together. You never know who you are gonna meet at a prayer meeting.

It was 8:30am and time for me to be on my way. Truro was about 90 minutes away and I had calls to make.

Unlike yesterday the sun was out and the weather was glorious and I could see that I had parked my car next to a large open area, overlooking Plymouth sound. Peter was with me and we walked around what is known as Freedom Fields, where during our own civil war the Parliamentarian routed King Charles the 1st Cavaliers at the Sabbath day fight of 1643. Blood has been spilt here and the city of Plymouth had held the siege and kept the Port and City open for the Parliamentary forces this ensuring the whole victorious course of the war. “We have no King but Jesus!…if that’s OK with you your Majesty?”

Truro called and it was a beautiful drive across the Tamar Bridge into the county of Cornwall. 10 miles before Truro I pulled into the Maccy D’s.

My gifted Sat Nav is working fine. But unfortunately the power outlet in the front is not. So when the battery runs out, I have to pull over anyways and plug it into the back power outlet of the car. This charges it up whilst I am driving. I turn the volume up load and put it on the back seat sill. I can’t see the map, but the computerised voice shouts out the commands. It’s like having a computerised mother in law telling you how to drive, or better still a most literal and audible fulfilment of Isaiah 30:21. At Maccy D’s I plug the Sat Nav in and order Breakfast. Plug my failing laptop into the mains power, access the free Wi-Fi and begin.

I ring the Mayor. Councillor Rob is a liberal democrat. His partner Moira has already told him regarding Politics that she does not care what he is as long as he is not conservative. No comment! He has heard that I have preached in a former Brothel and has remarked to Moira that “He doesn’t know of any Brothels in Truro?”
“Shame” says I to Moira “Mayor of Truro Takes Vicar to Brothel would have made a great headline!” Moira laughs. I laugh, cause she thinks I am joking.

The Mayor of Truro (and Moira) is a diamond. He is going to see what he can do for me and get back to me within the hour. Now look, you know, I am completely blown away that important people like him take time to speak to me on the phone, never mind offer to help me. C’mon that’s fantastic. I tell you, I am the Christian and Mr Mayor is teaching me a lesson in listening and helping. I am very impressed. AND he’s a Liberal Democrat. Bless you Mr Mayor.

Then I call the Dean of the Cathedral and eventually get through to Canon Lambert who is a stunning geezer who will also let me speak on the entrance steps of the Cathedral and not only that, arranges for me to get a parking permit to stick Octavia (my car) in the Cathedral free parking area. Again, I am blown away at such generosity of spirit. Thank you Truro Cathedral and Civic authority. The Mayor has already been in touch with the Cathedral and you know, he is going to come down and meet me there.

Leaving Maccy D’s behind me, Cynthia the Sat Nav Lady is shouting out her commands to me from the back of the car. She gets me to the Truro Cathedral car park. I go get the Parking permit and then go into the Cathedral and introduce myself to the duty verger. She is expecting me. On the way out I bump into Ruth and Suzie, two ladies that serve the visitors and I interview them. They are hilarious! Suzie , despite the effervescence is not Evangelical. “When you speak, remember we are on a different bus route here..Do you understand.” I certainly do.

I go across to the Co-Op and but some new batteries and a bottle of Mr Muscle. It’s getting harder to clean the Chalk board of all the liquid chalk. I go back to the car and scrub it clean and the write “Truro, 11 of 66, the book of 1st Kings”. Me and the PA are now friends and so Apollos (it told me its name) lets me carry it to the steps without any mockery or laughter on its part whatsoever. The Mayor arrives and we talk. He tells me many things and gives me a stunning interview, but two things that stick with me are

  • 1) A Christian sect put on a Bible exhibition in an obscure place in Truro. He thought they might get 30 people over the course of the week. They had 700 visitors (It was the Christadelphian sect).
  • 2) He praises the work of street Pastors who saved a young man’s life the other week by dragging him out a hedge where he had passed out at 3:30am in the morning. They got his mobile phone and called his mum who not well pleased, came to get her vomit filled boy who could have choked on his own vomit. I remember waking up in a hedge and ditch myself one night and for sure, the biggest cause of death when I was in the Navy was drowning on your own puke.

There is no doubt about it, Street Pastors are filling in for the Police and providing a patrolling job they should be doing and you know why, good on ‘me! Every non-Christian authority I meet with cannot praise their work enough. I am a Street Pastor Convert and am gonna go buy a bag of flip flops tomorrow.

It’s time to proclaim. I have just a few minutes really to get and hold the lunchtime passers bay. People are keeping their distance BUT at a distance some are stopping and listening intently. No one comes for a free Bible.

I say my thank you’s pack up and head for Nero’s. Its Americano and Wi-Fi time. I need accommodation and I feel it is right to head the three hour drive to Wells. If I can get bedded in somewhere by 6 or 7pm, I can get a bath and get on with at least 6 hours worth of typing. SD’s gift from Boston makes this possible. Over the phone I talk to a land lady called Karen and negotiate her down by 20%, call Bridget and tell he I love her and unpack the day this far, then saddle Octavia and get on my way. Cynthia the Sat Nav is charged enough to come and sit up front with me and she guides me out of Truro

On the way Cynthia my Sat Nav runs out of steam, so a quick stop and stick her in the back and she comes alive belting out her orders. She takes me though the Cheddar Gorge. Which is nice, but I am dying for a pee and feeling sick. So I pull over and leap behind a rock for a Jimmy. The Apostle Paul did the same. Once in the car however, Cynthia the Sat Nav throws a wobbly and thinking I had arrived, for tem minutes drives me around in circles. I ring the B & B and they tell me I am 9 miles away. If I could see the Road Map I would have known this. I must arrange a quick visit for Octavia to go to the Skoda dealers.

The B & B is beautiful, it is only missing Bridget. I call her and tell her so. Its 22:50 and she is sat at home watching a cooking program. Typical.

I don’t think I have ever been to Wells? That’s my next city and I haven’t a clue about what’s going to happen.

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  1. Rodney Queen says:

    Bob, I’m enjoying immensely these updates…look forward every day to see what’s happening on your journey of faith. Praying for strength and keep calling people to the Gospel. Rodney

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