Sep | 30 | Fri | The City of CARDIFF | THE GREEDY BOYS CLUB


  • Ask For God’s richest blessing on Richard of the Greedy Boys Club
    • Thanks For having a Bed to stay in last night
    • I am in S tomorrow, so please pray for Divine appointments please…….and of course for PROVISION. THIS IS A BIG ISSUE.



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It was a reasonably quiet night and I was up and researching Cardiff around 7:00 am. The French version of Heidi Hi, charged a tenner for breakfast so, I was going without. I would get a Maccy D’s later.

I ring the Welsh Assembly and speak to Tom. I explain what I am doing and ask if I can get an interview with the Cultural, housing and heritage minister and if he can maybe help me find a Venue. It might be a case of “Who Dares Wins Rodney” but I think it is rather fantastic when an open democratic society allows you to call and contact anyone in Government at the drop of a hat and your are treated so respectfully as well. Tom is of a certain age. He understands the Philosophy and journeying of the great Carl Pilkington. He immediately gets a picture of what I am doing. Thank you Carl. Meanwhile Tom is going to get back to me. A friend of mine texts me and says that I need to contact a Dr Brendan Neikier who used was the Pastor of Bolney Village Chapel after I left and is now living in Cardiff!
I call him and leave a message on his answer phone. We have never met before.
I pack up my stuff and pack up the car and drive the four miles into the City Centre. As I am coming off the Dual Carriageway, I notice a large church building call all Nations. I pull in to ask to see the senior Pastor.

There are about a dozen cars in the parking lot, the sun is out, and I could be pulling into a small American church Campus. Reception is open and a smiling sister greets me. A human being. About ten church staff are all having a coffee break together in the Corner. The Senior Pastor is away, but someone will see me.

The Media Pastor checks me out. He gets the Pilkington Philosophical reference. He says that “It’s ‘Fresher’s’ day down at Cardiff University and maybe I could go down there. Certainly they have staff on a stall in the Students Union Hall and he knows that City Temple church has the same. Meanwhile he shows me around the spiffing Campus. And it is absolutely spiffing. They have about 400 folks and the massive main hall is hired out as a conference centre sometimes several days a week. All Nations church is open, welcoming, utilitarian and innovative. I ask if they do anything with the University teaching hospital across the road. He says that when they rang to ask how they could help, they were informed that ‘no one wants to help with the baby mortuary.” They, very quietly, provide new clothes for dead babies, so the mourning mummy can hold the dressed up baby in her arms, and say goodbye to the child that shall never be. I understand this loss. I can hardly keep back the tears.


I leave all nations and head on down to ‘Fresher’s. I park the car outside St David’s and make my way into the Students union hall. Cardiff is the Capitol City of Wales and it is magnificent. Its white buildings gleaming Washington like in the sun. It is as different to Newport as you can possibly imagine, and exceptionally beautiful, not only are the buildings magnificent, but all the men are handsome and all the women are gorgeous and as I walk toward the Student Union, I am surrounded by gorgeousness. I understand entirely why a lot of Christian young people go to university and then leave the church and never come back! I mean, who can compete with this. Nothing but a real and deep relationship with Jesus would keep a young man or a young woman from doing what all beautiful young men and women are doing at University. Nothing. The statistics surely indicate that most of our Christian young people at churches do not have a real and deep relationship with Jesus. Our youth group Pizza programs do not provide sufficient nutrition to keep a testosterone filled young Christian away from the Filly’s. This needs fixing. But the problem is not with the Pizza programs in our churches, it is with the congregation and Pastors. Uncrucified congregations and youth leaders intent on putting the hip back in worship, can never produce solid and sold out sophomores. Oh we use the term solid and sold out, passionate and nation changing, but most of them when they get to university, sell out and become passionate over all the ‘Moabite’ women, indeed, Moab becomes their bathtub and its Turrah to teenagers time. Anyways I digress, because as I am walking down the road, I spot Green Goddess fire engine. It’s like a burning bush to me and so I am off to find out what it’s all about.

BY THE WAY These young women were absolutely delightful and exceptionally helpful Thank you so much you lovely ladies!

In the fresher’s hall there are three churches that have set up stall. At nearly a grand a time, this is quite the commitment. Indeed, out of all the Stalls, I think there is at least a 10% overall Christian presence, there is even a ‘Watchman Nee’ Christian stall, dedicated solely to distributing his books. Eh? How unusual. The churches in town are obviously reaching out to the students and ready to make home for the New Christians come into town. The Battle is on and they are doing a magnificent job. I think this is AMAZING and I am greatly encouraged. I mean C’mon, look at these folks

There are a couple of empty stalls, where the people have just not turned up. I have my display stands in the car and boxes full of Materials. I make enquires as to whether or not I could use one of the stands for the last three hours of the day? They will get back to me. On reflection, I should have just been cheeky naughty and set up stall. I’m not sure they would have noticed. Maybe.

I was hungry and never being one to ignore the call of such necessity I grab Lasagne and chips and tea for a £5.00. It is so hot I am sweating whilst eating it. It tastes great.
Brendan calls. He is pastoring the church and running an estate agents business at the same time and on top of all this is gutting a house. In any event, he is going to take some time out and is driving into Cardiff to meet me, Apparently his church is just down the road from where I am parked.

I leave fresher’s hall and head back to the car where Pastor Brendan meets me.
Cardiff City Church building IS just down the road. It is not a big space, but it is a functioning and growing church plant. Pastor Brendan rings one of his congregation up for me and arranges a room for tonight. Thank you Jesus. He also tells me that there will be an informal prayer meeting tonight at Cardiff City church and I can come and share from Proverbs. I sense this is right. The Message I have is for this church or some people in it.

I have about three hours to kill before the prayer meeting and it’s time to explore Cardiff. Maybe I can get some naked Bungee jumping in as well.
I get a call from Tom at the Welsh assembly. The minister cannot see me today, but he has seen the website and wishes me well on my journey, which I think is very nice indeed. Next time, I am just going to go to the Welsh assembly direct.

The Library is Majestic and there is a free exhibition about the history of Cardiff. The woman taking care of it is Greek. She tells me that though it isn’t in her blood, she only goes to the Greek Orthodox Church at Easter and Christmas. She is going to marry a Welsh man. Despite her Greek Orthodox roots, God cannot compete with Cardiff. I could see that.
I leave the library and across the road and down a bit is a very large Welsh Calvinistic Chapel. Apparently there are street preachers in Cardiff on a regular basis and indeed, here is a large Welsh tabernacle right in the centre of town. What a place to preach in front of, but it’s all locked up and there is NO telephone number anywhere. The Welsh Calvinists are making sure the non-elect can never get in to the church that’s for sure. Ridiculous. What I wouldn’t give for a church in this location. The high Anglicans in Gloucester would be packing them in. I sigh again. Deeply. I walk on.

It’s a beautiful day and Cardiff is crammed with happy people. The Coffee shops are in abundance and overflowing with happy people. Cardiff has a very Cosmopolitan and European feel to it. I wander around the streets and God tells me to go into Nero’s and get a hot chocolate with cream. Ordinarily I would not do this. But I obey.

The Café Nero Hot chocolate Milano is doing is having its wonder working effect and I wonder if tomorrow in Swansea I could dramatize the book of Ecclesiastes. Hmmm. The Barista tells me there is a costume hire shop just around the corner and though its 5:50 I might just catch them open. I do!

I buy a monks black robe, white, black and red face paint and some vampire blood in a bottle, together with a six foot plastic Axe, the head of which is bigger than mine. (I’ve heard the comment already…don’t say another word) and some capsules to break in my mouth. He wants to know what I need them for. The Pilkington connection always illicit smiles and he thinks it’s a great idea and kindly gives me an interview

Cardiff is closing down for the day and the pubs are opening up. The drunks are already out. I can see that this part of Cardiff might take on a different face at night time.
David is virtually unconscious at the side of the road. He is already covered by a yellow blanket and smashed out of his skull. I sit down next to him and shake his hand. He is coming in and out of consciousness. “How did you end up her mate in this sad old state?” He slurs out “The Government…..”
There is nothing I can do for him. I reckon he’s 21. Another lost boy left out on the streets. (HIM AND ALL HE REPRESENTS NOW HAUNTS ME ) All I can do is pray for him, and get up and leave him. We Christians need to do more that provide Palliative care. THANK GOD for ministries that are among it all every day, from the Salvation Army to street Pastors, from Off the Fence to Teen challenge, I am convinced that the removal of such services would bring our society to its knees. But it’s not enough and it too small a vision to trite an excuse to say that the poor will always be with us. Maybe we need a revival of the temperance movements of the past?

As I am taking a picture of David, someone taps me on my shoulder. I turn to face another drunk. This time he is wearing smart clothes, is well groomed, slurred but well spoken just about standing on his feet. Bill says to me “Excuse me but I just wanted to say that I have just come from the Greedy boys club, am very pissed and have just had a beautiful meal.” He was swaying like a sailor in a force 9.

So on my left I have David pissed without a Penny and on my right Jack whose pissed with more money that he obviously knows what to do with.
I like Jack and we talk.
“So what are you celebrating then Jack?”“Life! Life is worth celebrating. They wanted me to join the Masons but I told them it’s a problem, because I just don’t believe in God.” One of his eyes is closing and the other one is as wide open as you can imagine. I am holding him by the elbow so he doesn’t fall over.
Jack has some past connection to the Royal Navy as so we get on well. He has a sense that he is a spiritual being but just can’t come to God. Indeed, his Anglican cousin thinks he is evil. He asks me if I think he is evil. I tell him that he is as evil as me but he is a sinner and if he would like I will gladly tell him why he cannot find God.“Go ahead he says” head up shoulders back, “You have the floor”

“Jack, you won’t come to God because you are a glutton. You want to get pissed and keep consuming to try and satisfy your hungry soul and it never gets satisfied. You won’t come to God Jack, because you are like me a sinner and want to keep doing what in are doing because you like it. You won’t give it up your sin and come to God because you like doing it.”

He hasn’t got a clue what I am doing by the way, he doesn’t know about 66Cities, but never the less he puts both hands on my shoulders, looks me in eyes and says “You are a man with vision. You are a man on a mission. I have nothing to say against you.” And with that, he turns around, trips over himself, runs to stay upright and comes to a zig zaged but reasonable steady drunken course through the crowd. It was the strangest encounter ever. I liked Jack and would love to speak with him again. I do hope he finds my card which I placed in his pocket.

I head on back to the church via my car. I cannot find my car. Sigh. But I get a good look around the area. Just outside of the city the singing drunks are already out. I spoke to one of them earlier in the day. He was smart, clean and smelt nice. For £60 a fortnight he was staying at the YMCA. What did he do all day? Wander around drinking. He has been on the streets a while. His wife ran off with his cousin taking the nine kids with her. He hit the bottle then and the streets. I Asian guy, dilated pupils, was peeing up against a lamp post.

The informal prayer meeting was underway at 7:15 when I arrived and over the next two hours, around ten turned up and on their knees and on their faces they sought God for their city, their church, their family and their friends. At the end I shared from Proverbs 14:1. The message was greatly appreciated and received. The prayer meeting finsihed around 9:00pm

After hot tea and shortcake from a Tin, I made my way to the Philippine sister and her four children. It was a few miles out of the city centre. It was hot outside and groups of teenagers huddled in groups on the grass vergers, the light from their smart phones dancing on their faces in the dark, were doing what teenagers do when they are outside alone and late at night.
My Philippine sister greeted me at the door and referred to me constantly as Pastor. Alwen her six year old was up and waiting for me. Alexander was up stairs on her computer and my sister told me her story. Let’s just say, she is a brave woman, walking with God and knowing His peace. Amazing

I told her that I had driven past a group of teenagers and she insisted I move my car from the road. Apparently the next door neighbour had his car stolen twice in two weeks and the last time it was stolen is found a burnt out wreck.

I bring the car in. I am sleeping in the hot attic tonight, the bed and fan are ready and I manage to clamber up the aluminium stairs to bed. I am exhausted. Before I can begin to connect to upload my videos, I am asleep.

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