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Like I was saying, there is no internet connection where I am staying. So I was up this morning and down the road, doing the usually typing at the very least.

Chester is not too far away from Oswestry and I wanted to get the car into Mitchell and Co as soon as possible, just in case they needed a little longer to fix it. I kid ye not, the car was in, looked at, the fuse replaced and three spare fuses for my dashboard pocket, out and driving into the centre of town within ten minutes. I couldn’t get with Mark the MD as all the white shorted HOD’s were in a meeting with him. I did call though and thank him for this Godsend of a car that would now let the Sat Nav work in the front. Hurrah!

Chester is expensive to Park in the centre of town and so drove around looking for a cheaper option. The Queen Street Christian centre sprang out of nowhere and I popped the car on their wee forecourt and went knocking on the doors. Three ladies greeted me and showed me around the church and also allowed me to park on their forecourt for the day.

Café Nero called. Whilst I was I logged on in Café Nero’s and picked up the following email
Hello, I was wondering if you could give me a couple of para’s of highlights from your trip around the UK so far. You’ve put so much material online, it’s hard to know just a couple of things to tell our listeners I’m also interested in any links to good quality audio | Best wishes for the remaining part.
Amanda Spurling | Journalist | 98.5 Sonshine FM | PO BOX 474 Como WA 6952 Australia | W: http://www.sonshinefm.ws E:

It would appear that we have an Australian following which is absolutely fantastic. Thanks Amanda. Mind yo9u, it would be great to get a couple of emails, encouragement and interest from closer to home that’s for sure.
I have already noted two things in Chester. First that most of the Non Anglican churches have all their people away at a conference and that the churches are exceptionally cautious. I actually think that this is a trait of independent non conformist Evangelicalism, and for some reason in Chester, it appeared to be at the fore. There was a distinct sense is suspicion in the air. Maybe it was my boating Jacket?

I made lots of calls and managed to have an accommodating Anglican Vicar let me speak in the city centre church which is used as big coffee shop. Again, I was greeted with open arms, given the Pulpit and a set of hand bells? That’s right. So I ascended the pulpit and rang the bells to get folks attention, I would say there was about 30 folks in there, and told them they were in for a ten minute treat. They were! Jeremiah is a fantastic book. A couple walked out, but really most listened attentively and I even got an applause that the end. This was a nice crowd. Which is exactly what Peter said in Jerusalem after his first preach? “Stephen”, he said “This is a nice crowd. Watch out for the bricks mind you and put that sword away. Done that.” No, this was OK. It ticked the box, but there is something missing.

Outside a really nice couple is enjoying the sun and the guy is beautifully tattooed up to his armpits and they are open to me asking them a few questions.


I have been told by said Vicar that the original Cathedral is St John’s. He reckons it will be very evocative to record Jeremiah there and so I make my way to the Roman Amphitheatre, passing school children being marched down the road by Roman Soldiers. I have had two cups of coffee and I am seeing things.

I like St John’s, it is evocative and it is Chester’s Number one Cathedral. Here is the recording I made there.

After this it’s a rush back to the No2 Cathedral,

This was of course the Number 2 Cathedral and so I proceeded to the magnificence of the Number one Cathedral where I was greeted with open arms, blessed and accommodated, given an interview and allowed to record in the Bishops chapel. Amazing. Still no Dean though. 24 Cathedrals and no Dean! What’s going on ere!


It was getting on now and time for another Coffee and on my way, I am nicely accosted by a chugger. Now for those of you who do not know, a chugger is a professional street funder for charities. Some are on commission and make a rabid JW look like a placid Piccanese asleep and plump after a good meal. This poor dear was not well though and though I could not video interview her because her boss was around, I had a great audio interview which I thank her for right now.



Interestingly I also managed to get a great Video with another young man, who was trolling along on his bike.

Now let me tell you that there is a definite pattern here. It’s not rocket science but its worth noting. I mean so much so that I am now changing my three of four basic questions

  • | 99.99% of all church goers
  • Think the church is relevant
  • Think that the Bible is relevant
  • Think that preaching needs to be done better and differently
  • Talk about sin in a roundabout kind of way, it at all.
  • Love Jesus, especially the watered down version.
  • 2ND OBSERVATION | 99.99% of Non Christians (especially under 30)
  • Think the church is irrelevant
  • Think that the Bible is irrelevant or a highly manipulative tool
  • Think Preaching is for Fundi’s (Fundamentals..Emphasis on the mental)
  • Think you should just live and let live
  • Do not know anything about the real Jesus

Like I say, its not rocket science, but what this means is that we the church are totally kidding ourselves if we think that doing what we are doing now, is ever going to affect anyone but us, most of whom will be in heaven in the next 20-30 years.

My Next stop is another Café. It’s called the Wesley and it’s in a Methodist church. The Tuesday old dear’s lunch club is meeting and are they are going to let me speak. I tell them I am a stripogram. They are disappointed when they hear the truth that I am going to share from the Bible. The full Monty may have been a better option. Only one lady shuffles out this time and the rest are attentive and wonderful. I mean delightful.

I get an interview with a young woman in her eighties which are really enlightening.


VJ & Jess are coming into town and we arrange to meet up at Nero’s for Coffee. It’s great just to hang out with these lovely folk and just chew over old times. I still can’t believe they have moved out for three nights just to let me have their place! How wonderful. They go shopping and I go on to Maccy D’s buy more coffee, some supper, check my email, check my emails and do some typing. It’s been a long, long day.

I drive back to Oswestry and despite having the Sat Nav in the front get lost for a full 15 minutes down the long dark road they live down.

I got in, got my stuff plugged in to charge and then settled down to type for a cou0pe of hours.
I rang Bridget and then later my mate Rob Santer Skyped me for half an hour or so but my eyelids could not keep open. I said a slurred good night to rob, turned off the light, rolled over, drooled on the pillow (forgot to tell you about that habit of mine Jess) and went to sleep.

If You Want to see The First Twelve of Our 66 Minute Video Bible Check Here P.S. We need some more funding ti finish this project before Christmas so if you are up for it give me a call on 07975 805 323

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