Oct | 17 | Mon | The City of ABERDEEN | Granite City – Soft Hearts


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I slept really well. The bed was exceptionally comfortable and though I set my alarm for 4:45, it was nearer six when I put the light on. Haggai was calling. I had a message to share somewhere today.

I envisaged this tour as me being mostly in B&B’s studying. You know, travel, study, sleep, and preach. Travel, study, preach, and sleep. And it’s been nothing like that more like; Travel, panic, people, preach and then search for Wi Fi. It’s involved far more coffee shops than I ever imagines as well. I should become a rep for Nero’s.

So anyways, I re-read Haggai, see what Mathew Henry has to say about it all (WHAT a guy) and then chew it over. I have enough in my head now to let it ferment.

We left the house around 8:00am and drove to a former Garden centre. Who would have thought that a former Garden centre would have made a great base of operations for charity and church. But it does! All the former show conservatories with their own back will they have built against act as individual offices for some of the managers. It’s just wonderful and you know, it’s all open to the public as well. So the main meeting rooms are being hired out for conferences, and the restaurant provides food for the delegates as well as being open all day to the public who come in to buy second-hand furniture, electrical goods and other stuff! Indeed, after we all had a Scottish Fry Up in the restaurant (excellent and so good I could feel my arteries hardening as it slipped down my throat)I stayed there and logged onto the Wi Fi to catch up on some work.

Two lovely old ladies came in and we got into conversation. Indeed they were kind enough to give me an interview. I hope you enjoy them.

The Church of Scotland is presently racked by ordination of practicing homosexuals and all the ‘other stuff’ relating to it.. As one other old lady from Aberdeen so indignantly told me today “I studied anatomy for years and medically of course that one orifice is used totally for excretion. Do you ken what I mean?” I ‘kenned’ what she meant and laughed very loudly while I was kenning. Real old ladies just don’t care, whereas those ministerial professionals that act like old ladies seem to care very much!Apparently over 80 churches may leave the Church of Scotland and start a new denomination. I so wish real Bible believers within the English Episcopal movement had the guts to do the same. I wonder if, the sooner we realise that the gender battle and consequently the homosexual battle is long lost in our major denominations that maybe the real church can Exodus the accursed thing and watch it rot from afar, or maybe watch the fire and brimstone fall. Oh C’mon folks, if God does not do something like that, then He has to go and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah and a few other long eradicated people groups besides. The only other option we of course is to re-write the Bible and recreate God in our own image. Oooh hang on a minute…..we’ve been doing that for years! That and sticking our head in the sand whilst speaking quietly behind our hands about how ‘we don’t really agree, but who are we to judge and we should just love folks anyways no matter what.’ I tell you, if we refuse to speak the truth to people, let us be thoroughly ashamed before Almighty God if we ever use the word ‘Love’ toward them.My goodness, those old ladies had got me riled up I can tell. That and the several cups of coffee that came my way.By the By, one of the old ladies had list 5 stone in weight. That’s 70lbs and he breathing was shallow and laboured. The doctors could find nothing wrong with her. I told that I had no power but I believed that God could heal her. We prayed together in the coffee shop and her friend cried for her. Life under this present sun is full of trials and challenges. Alongside all the moral and doctrinal battles, the culture and the gender wars, the economic downturn and all the ensuing despondency, death marches on and daily reaps his harvest of broken bodies. Autumn has arrived in Aberdeen and the wind is stripping the already brown leaves from the trees as every year the seasons give this testimony that our own time is running out and each one of us shall lay our bodies in the ground whilst our souls and spirit go to judgement. All things end in judgement. We need to remember this and lice our lives in the Sunshine of God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness.All things end in judgement. Though Haggai was trying to have his say in my heart, Zephaniah was still kicking his ball against the wall of my mind.

I managed to get through the Lord Provosts office and was wonderfully allowed to have a ten minute meeting with the Lord Provost (Mayor) this afternoon at 3:00pm. How wonderful. It only took a few minutes for the Provosts PA to get back to me and say that having checked the 66City Website the city of Aberdeen had no cash to make a £330 donation. Now at this point, and remember I had Scottish parents and subsequently am a genetic Scott myself, (by the way, I just made that ‘Genetic Scott’ thing up and I kind a like it. I am going to slap a patent and trademark on it this afternoon. www.geneticscot.com is now mine )so anyway, I could now make some Scottish jokes right now about money and Scots being tight, but that would be so uncool and incorrect. Good grief I can still hear my Scots grandfather calling me out of the cold winter warming into his living room, shouting“Come here me wee buoy and warm yoursen’ around this roaring candle.”So, I explained to the Lord’s Provost office that there would be no charge to the cash strapped and exceptionally poor city of Aberdeen. In any event, I really needed to work on that website. People must be getting the wrong impression.


Meanwhile my friend Jon took me on a tour of Aberdeen on a very wet day. It was great to see a fully working harbour with ships lining up in the Estuary waiting to come in, the red light district, as well as the magnificence of the great granite halls in the centre of the city. John loved his city. He had been born and brought up here and had seen God do miracles here. He told me of a former schizophrenic who was cured on the spot at one meeting and the coming days confirmed his relief and release. Later, going to one of the leaders he told them he was coming off his medication. “Whoa!” they said “We can’t advise you on that, you must go and see your doctor”

“But one on earth shall I tell him!?” asked the man

“Tell him you’ve met Jesus!” Said the smiling leader

“The problem with that” says the bloke “Is that for the last ten years I have been telling him that I AM JESUS!”


It was time now though to go to the see the Lord Provost and so we drove into the city centre. I only had ten minutes with the man and so I needed to make sure I arrived on time. The Civic centre was expecting us and a parking space had been reserved. I felt I needed my big hat and my iPad to impress the man and so left the car carrying both. After waiting for ten minutes a man in a smart red waistcoat uniform came and collected me and my friend John to go and visit the Lord Provost. Again, sorry for repeating myself, but I am always impressed that the Civic authorities spare so much time for me out of their busy day. It was a very short interview and we ran out of time as someone came to take the good man away.

After the Lord Provost. We took a run down to Somebody Cares Ministries. The VAST warehouse was like the blooming Antarctic. My goodness it was cold in Aberdeen today and you know, they could not afford to heat it. Yet, this organisation GAVE AWAY FOOD AND FURNITURE to needy people in the city, each family was referred by social services at some level and you know, today alone Jenny had taken 90 calls. Aberdeen is a Rich city but is of course for an increasing number is a very poor one as well.


After this we returned to the garden centre cum church where I briefly had the opportunity to catch up on a few emails before returning to Jenny and Brian’s for a roast beef and Yorkshire pudding supper.

Tonight’s meeting where I would share from Haggai was back at Destiny church, where I would be sharing with a select few. We got there a little late, but the happy few were waiting and so we sat down together and I went to open the book of Haggai from the S/W package on my iPhone I prepared a few notes this morning for use on my iPad which I now could not find. Yikes! Where on earth had I put it? The last time I remember if had been in the Lord Provosts office. I remember going in with it but what with our hasty departure, I could not remember coming out with it? Or did I? In any event I could not worry about it now because I had to speak from Haggai on the hoof as it were.

I felt it went well and that people were ministered to. One guy, Barry the Biker, had travelled 40 miles down from the highlands tonight with his daughter! He is with the Christian Motorcyclists Associaiton and I reckon God really spoke to him especially. When I get the chance I will post the message here in Audio format.


There was Wi Fi at church and so after I had delivered my message I tried to find the find my iPad program, log on and look for the whereabouts of it. I couldn’t remember the password and when I finally did, I could not find the section for locating the iPad and by then it was time to leave. When we got back to the house I was staying in I searched the car, well, as much as you can in a freezing black night in Aberdeen with icy sleet on the back of your neck. It wasn’t there. I searched the house. It wasn’t there. I tried to use my iPhone to locate it, but it would not get me the internet. Had I not added the internet when I upgraded the plan in Lancaster? I searched my mind and I could not remember where it was. I was supposed to be on the road to Dundee at 6:00am tomorrow but now I would have to find my morning Wi Fi somewhere in Aberdeen and see if I could locate it. Failing that I would have to retrace my steps. I certainly hoped that I had not left it in the vast warehouse? No, I was pretty sure it was in the Lord Provosts office. Sigh.

Just before we sat down to eat (roast  beef and  Yorkshire pudding mind you!) I received a call from Ireland. A lovely Roman Catholic lady had heard my interview on UCB Ireland and wanted me to come and speak to her Alpha Group in early November!I didn’t finish the tour until November 16th of course and so I arranged to visit another time. It’s great to know that this journey is still inspiring folks and that they take time to ring me up and tell me. What an encouragement!

Now, after I came to an iPad search and rescue plan of action in my mind, I sat down with Brian and Jenny and spoke about church growth and other related stuff until 11:30pm despite my stomach sounding like a Salvation army brass band. That beef I had eaten earlier was playing on my bowels and so great was the grumblings thereof that at one point Jenny laughed out loud at the internal combustion noise, to which I warned her, that if the band over came out marching, there would be tears rather than laughter. I felt as though I was loaded for bear. We were having a deeply spiritual discussion about the future of the Destiny endeavour and my mind was on my lost iPad and making sure I didn’t embarrass myself in someone else’s home with the sound of Gabriel coming to raise the dead! Typical.

I rang Bridget and said goodnight (she had been waiting up for my call) and then tried to sleep. Where was my iPad? Had I lost it because this is where we should be looking to move to? Yes, was this a subtle hint from God that this is where we should relocate to, a kind of tug on the bottom of my jacket? Or was I just a bit of a forgetful Wally?Certainly in Nineveh,this great city, there was an awful lot of need and a seemingly vast amount of opportunity, but then again there was a literal fiery cloudy pillar in Inverness. Well actually it was more near Nairn, maybe….. I needed to go to bed and dream of where my iPad was.

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