2/3rd’s in with 22 more Cities to Go!

  • 2/3’rds in and 22 more cities to go.
  • I thought I would give you all another quick personal update as to what was happening in the tour 2/3’s in and 22 more cities to go.
  • Before I left one of me mentors told me that he thought provision would be like that of Elijah by the brook Cherith, morning and evening Ravens would come and bring with them pieces of meat.  Well, it’s been pretty much like that with provision, and sometimes the Ravens have not come. Even so, miraculously I am still on the road and have yet to use my tent, or sleep in my car. Even so, lack of provision has been a massive issue so do please pray for God’s supply for the last 22 Cities and beyond.
  • I have run out of Bibles a long time ago and I know I could have given away hundreds more.
  • Our family continues to be targeted. Of course it does. The enemy does not like what is going on here at all.
  • God has been clear that I not despise the day of small things
  • The Dark side of the moon | there are a few times when you think, ‘man for some reason I have disappeared off people’s radar screens. Or maybe, for some technical reason I have dropped off theirs!
  • I am still not happy with what I am doing in terms of proclamation. The use of Camera and the internet (when it’s available) spreads the proclamation for as long as it remains on YouTube. This is a good thing; else I think it might be a waste of time. But what do I know. Do not despise the day of small things.
  • My health is holding up, though I have run out of Cod Liver Oil.
  • It’s almost impossible to shop, go to the bank, and relax a bit. The instant you have finished with one city you are immediately planning and moving toward the next.
  • I am SO glad I did the 60 second Bible Book overviews for UCB; they have been a great foundation.
  • People from Australia and USA are following the journey. One guy is even thinking of coming over and joining me for the last leg. It’s good to be an inspiration!
  • Every day I still wonder if God is going to come through
  • I hate and now have a phobia of Cameras. ‘They’ are watching us.
  • I miss Bridget but there is no way she could have coped with this pace.
  • Bridget is holding at all together back home and praying for me constantly. We talk several times a day
  • An active administrator back at base could have taken so much pressure off me and also planned my Diary, and arranged more press etc.
  • The Car from Mitchell’s Skoda has been an utter Godsend
  • Me and the PA system have become good friends. Though its wheel base could have been made much wider.
  • EVERY Pastor should get out on the streets preaching at least once a month. This should be mandatory.
  • Drama works
  • Don’t be shy
  • Be bold
  • Jump in
  • Ask Big things of Big people
  • Not everything goes right
  • God is into giving you good surprises
  • FEAR is from the enemy
  • Be polite – let people know what you are doing
  • Vergers are wonderful People
  • Get a dongle.
  • Keep on Keeping on!

OK please keep praying for me folks and don’t forget to check out


Hi there | we are in still in need of cash to finish this tour | We would love you to help | You can give ANY amount and you don’t need a paypal account either| Give right now and right here to: The Breakout Trust/66 Cities | Thanks in advance | DONATE

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