45 of 66 | The city of Kingston Upon HULL | Where 3 women offer me a bed for the night

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I am having tremendous problemswith getting access to Wi Fi and when I do, the upload speeds are appalling and the connection drops are even worse. Consequently, though I got up around 5:00am this morning, had breakfast and packed, the limited internet uploads were not completed until about 10:30am. I was frustrated and behind schedule. (In my mind) As I made my way down to Hull the fast road had a detour on it, which took me miles out of my way. Dang!

Even so, I had gotten a contact from someone of about a large church down in Hull and upon ringing them was informed of a minister’s fraternal that was meeting for a an hour long prayer session until mid day that very day. If the traffic was good, I could make the last 15 minutes. I said I would be there and so a message would be sent to them that I was on my way! That was nice.

The traffic was good in the end and I did in fact arrive at the meeting at about 10:50am.
These praying folks, these ministers, were mostly charismatic. Now here is the thing I have noticed. Those folks more open to the surprises of the Holy Spirit are more open to folks like me being blown in by God. They are expectant. If you are mostly a Word centred fella however, then Missions like 66Cities will fill you with suspicions. And you know, just to complicate matters, the bigger the charismatic church, the greater their suspicion and wariness. Why is this? I wonder if in the Word based church it is no doubt a case of ‘Pulpit Protection’ just in case the mindless flock may get led astray and in the other case, it is a simple matter of corporate structure trumping spirit moving. Oh I don’t know. It’s just something I have noticed.

The leader allowed me to share my story and my requests which were but twofold: 1) a bed for the night (I always feel so very cheeky asking for this) 2) a place to share my message for the day. Three lovely ladies offered me a bed. One of which was a Vicar. In addition to this, one of the ministers was going to take me for lunch and that night I would also be sharing at an Elim Pentecostal church. Meanwhile Alison (the lady Vicar) was on the phone to her media contacts in Hull, making about thirty calls to see if she could get me on the radio and in the Newspapers. Alison is a firecracker!

(look at this :The notice, outside St Hilda’s Church in Annandale Road also includes the message: “Hello Greatfield. My name is Alison. I am the new vicar at St Hilda’s. I look forward to meeting you.” Rev Gilchrist adopted the unusual approach not only to introduce herself, but also to make it clear the church is open as usual. She said: “As the Mail reported earlier in the summer, some people had assumed the church to be closed, which, of course, was not true.” Having held the position for just a couple of weeks, she has already rolled up her sleeves and committed herself to becoming involved in an “action week” on the estate. Each day, Rev Gilchrist helps to cook breakfast for about 40 people by opening up the church as a community café. The vicar, who has previously worked in Lancashire and Yorkshire, was brought up in foster care and worked as part of a uniformed church service supplying café and bar facilities in the Falkland Islands just after the war there. She has previously published a book entitled Creating A Culture Of Welcome In The Local Church and made an appearance on ITV television show Loose Women.)

I told one of the older ladies that I was going to ring my wide immediately to tell her three women had offered me a bed for the night! What a super bunch to do this. I mean this is really impressive don’t you think?


Pastor Steve and I went for lunch and the Carvery he took me to was so popular that I think we lined up for at least 30 minutes to grab some food. The place was very understaffed and it was slap it on your plate service. I am amazed at what bad service we Brits simply put up with as the norm! Anyhoo, it gave me some time to spend with Steve, the Pastor of a ‘Primitive Methodist Continuing Church’. Not many of these have continued on into the 21st century mind you. You see in the early 19th Century when the differences between the Primitives and the Wesleyan Methodists became profound….

• The Primitives focused attention on the role of lay people.
o The Wesleyans developed a high doctrine of the Pastoral Office to justify leadership being in the hands of the ministers.
• The Primitives stressed simplicity in their chapels and their worship.
o The Wesleyans were open to cultural enrichment from the Anglican tradition and more ornate buildings.
• The Primitives concentrated their mission on the rural poor.
o The Wesleyans on the more affluent and influential urban classes.
• The Primitives stressed the political implications of their Christian discipleship
o The Wesleyans were nervous of direct political engagement.

They split. And then when in 1932 the two main streams got back together, those who said “heaven no we won’t go” CONTINUED on in the Primitive Path. Though the Club and spotted loincloth were both dropped as it was both silly looking and too cold to wear in the winter.


Anyways, brief and bad church history lesson over, this Continuing Methodist church is in Hull’s inner city, and ministering to people in difficult financial, emotional, and spiritual circumstances. In addition to this, Steve is facing many problems with people who have been involved in the occult. In our country, where popular TV shows push occult practice in sexy ways to desperate people hungry for any kind of help, then you open a doorway to spiritual oppression, possession and domination. Pastor Steve was dealing with these kinds of problems. He is quite a guy I can tell you.

As a side issue, I am told that Hull has the lowest church attendance rate in the country. Undoubtedly, like everywhere, there are pockets of churches that buck the trend in Hull, but on the whole, many people might suggest that ‘parts’ of Hull are seemingly ‘possessed’ by a sucking hopelessness? Certainly, Hull took a real pasting in WWII being the second most bombed city in the country. Yet reconstruction, renewal and regeneration have OBVISOUSLY been going on for some time now but wonder though, if it is and will be sustainable. You could of course ask that question all over the country and in most of our cities, and the answer would probably be ‘no’! However, the reasons elsewhere might be mostly economic, in Hull; I wondered if there might be another reason other than economics? Ah what do I know! I was only there a few hours. Never the less, I did ‘feel’ it to be quite a tough place spiritually. Most places that are at the end of a railway line are.

Anyways, after lunch with Steve and a good old chinwag, I had some praying, planning and exploring to do and so made my way around this very flat landscape. It reminded me very much about Florida. Yes, despite the lack of palm trees, scantily clad and good looking Hispanic women, bright sunshine blue skies, white sand, cheap food, cheap gas, smiling faces and hope, it reminded me very much of Florida.

Hmmm. For those of you who are interested and some in Hull may well be interested, Florida for me, was a place where your spiritual compass was being whizzed around by a number of ever moving forces. Vast immigrant populations, coupled with heat migrants and madness of every kind, made it a very difficult place to get your bearings. Hull I felt had much more demarcation. If you are interested in wanting to know more of my meanderings, then do please drop me an email at Robert@whisperingword.com

Anyways, you know what! I had lost the piece of paper with all of today’s contact details! I had forgotten where I was supposed to be tonight, had lost the Pastors number and two of the ladies who wanted to give me a bed! Fortunately I had Rev Alison’s number and so texted her if I could still stay with her and her husband and family tonight. I could. Phew! One of the other lovely ladies rang me later that day (which I was very relieved about) and we spent a good half hour chatting and praying on the phone.

I finished my exploration and a few bits and pieces and then I went down to the Continuing church in the late afternoon. I am sure Steve would remind me exactly where I was speaking.
Steve joined a Table Tennis league to help get these young men and brand new Christians involved in something healthy. They are very good. Well, the worst of them wupped me anyways! It was great to be with these very raw and real folk as they shared their real encounters with Jesus who has delivered them from their various darknesses and IS delivering them into light and life. Steve is a magnificent guy in his passion for these folk. It was great to be there. (Steve stopped wearing his spotted loincloth in 1992, but on special occasions, will be found dragging his wife into church by the hair, laying his club against the Pulpit and beating his chest whilst preaching.)

I was speaking at the Elim, Church on the Way at 7:30pm that evening. I had arranged to meet Pastor Phil at around 7:10pm so’s I could get a tour of the facilities and ask him a few questions before hand. Tonight was a prayer meeting that Phil said was ‘wild’. At the beginning, he said there were a few rules to be observed and one his elders re-interpreted them for me saying “just do what you want and pray what you want.” This was going to be interesting.

Phil introduced me and very graciously allowed me to share from the book of Romans. It was great to see some young MEN there. It was great to see some MEN with history there. The message seemed to be received well and then Phil got us down to pray. The chairs were kicked back and away we went. It was one of THE BEST prayer meetings I have ever been in. I was really blessed. You really could pray anyway you wished, anywhere you wished, with anyone you wished about whatever you wished. I could see that people were being ministered to by other folks, and I felt the freedom to do the same and so shared a few thoughts with one of the young men, who had not been coming along to church for too long, and was a recovering out of work heroin addict, now on Methadone. The guys then prayed for me and it was super to have a new Christian pray over and for me. I was really blessed.

If you get some time to call or email Phil and found out how they got the building you will be most truly blessed and what a building with a history, having had regular visits from FB Meyer, Dr M L Jones and even Eric Liddell. (No, he did not start the cut price stores found in each of our cities!) Though from now on, every Christian might now declare “Darling, I’m just popping down to Eric’s’!”

I got to Robert & Rev. Alison’s place at around 9:30 and was immediately offered hot chocolate and chocolate club biscuits. “No thank you” I said, “I am on a fasting diet”. Yeah right.

Alison’s husband Robert is a great guy, a man’s man and a biker. He gave me a Christian Motorcyclists organisation Bible. It has a picture of Moses coming down the Mount on his Triumph. Which as we all know, were far better than Harleys? Rev. Alison and Robert make a great team for sure. It wasn’t long before I was tucked up in a warm and comfortable bed wondering what tomorrow would bring.

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