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My alarm went off at 5:15am and I was up packed and dressed and downstairs by around 5:45am. Rev. Alison had already been up and cooked bacon, Sausage Egg toast and other assorted goodies for her husband Robert and me. Two Roberts for breakfast and I wasn’t the good looking one. It was nice to chill out and eat together and this lady vicar had a long day ahead of her. Honest, I think she and Robert are brilliant. So we chatted, put Hull to right, prayed and by 6:30-ish I was on the dark road to Wakefield.

Actually it was a smashing journey, the roads were clean and empty, not too many cameras (obviously not cost effective over here) and as the sun came up, the early morning mist gathered in the low wetlands. Sounds nice. And it was.

It was light when I arrived in Wakefield and somewhere around 8:30am. I parked on top of the shopping centre and went for an explore. I needed coffee and a Wi Fi. One of Nero’s 501 Stores was in the High Street down from the Wee Cathedral, which was slap bang in the middle of town. What a tremendous spot! The Nero’s was free as one of my cards was fully stamped. So I settled down to information gathering. Wakefield is an ancient city with the Cathedral having the tallest tower in Yorkshire. It’s also part of the Rhubarb triangle. Don’t ask.

So anyways, from my base in Nero’s, I looked briefly at 2 Corinthians, and got caught up on some email. I was thrilled to receive this about the meeting I spoke at last night

Great to meet with you tonight Rob. We will certainly remember you in our prayers, you have been part of something very special tonight and we even had a young lady make a commitment and give her life to the Lord. Stay blessed.


A newspaper in Hull called me and gave me an interview over the phone about my experiences in Hull yesterday. I was very positive.

A woman with a foster baby was in Nero’s and was willing to give me an unrecorded interview. I had an open and honest time with her for a good intermittent half hour and I told her my testimony and some of the stories from my journey. I committed her to the grace of God, and then having gotten some contacts; I left Nero’s and started phoning to follow up my already sent emails.

• I rang Madam Mayor to see if I could get an interview. I also emailed her.
• I rang Wakefield churches together and left a message. They never got back to me.
• I rang Wakefield Elim. Pastor was busy all day.
• I rang Zion and left a message. No one got back to me.
• I rang a church called Destiny but the Pastor was busy all day
• I rang the Cathedral and left a message for the Dean. Also emailed him

Hmm….Nothing was opening up? It was by now nearly 11:00am. I decided that the quickest option as always was to visit face to face. So off the Cathedral I went.
The head Dean was a lovely lady called Julie, and I mean lovely and you know once I explained what I was doing, she bent over backwards to help me.

I tracked her down in the church Café where she was talking to a naughty old lady. I love naughty old ladies and naughty old Yorkshire ones are the funniest of them all. So as you can imagine I had a blast interviewing these ladies.


I asked Julie if I could speak in the coffee shop the Cathedral and outside on the Cathedral green which overlooked the main shopping area and she said yes to all three, and just for good measure the Dean and sub Dean came along for coffee and I snagged them for an interview.

David Attenborough would be cockahoop at this point, for remember, this is only the 2nd Dean that I have seen in the wild in 46 cities! I needed to go and get my PA from the car but before I could do that, Rosemary wanted to take me to the homeless ministry she worked for. So she marched me down the road, to a place less than 5 minutes away. I like Wakefield, its people are lovely and the city is compact.

The community Awareness Programme (CAP) was formed in September 1997 from a desire by Ernest and Elisabeth Hibbert at New Life to try and meet some of the needs of the homeless and disadvantaged in the Wakefield District. The project ran originally from the church but since 2004 has operated from a Resource Centre at No 7. Wood Street and is open 5 days a week. Clients are referred from other Service Providers in Wakefield and visit CAP for food, clothing, household goods, toiletries, a snack meal and shower, advice, counselling and to meet with any number of our social partners. The project is funded and resourced by public and private donations and is headed by six trustees and a team of 40 dedicated volunteers from around the city and I tell you what, being with Ernest simple blessed me out of my boots. He is a man of the Word and the Spirit a man of faith and integrity. I wish I could share all the time I have with him, with you all, but this wee video will have to do.

I went back to the Cathedral and the ever patient Verger was waiting for me in the café, where as soon as I could, I recorded a brief mediation to camera in front of the watching and listening folk. After this I was pleased to talk to a couple of guys about the church, marriage and Jesus.


In the Cathedral itself, Julie helped me record mediation, after which I spoke with a couple who had lost a friend to cancer just the night before. I prayer with the lady that the God of all comfort would comfort her greatly.

I left my Camera on charge in the Cathedral and headed outside.


Now I needed the PA system and board from the car if I was going to be speaking outside. I left the Cathedral to see the collection of teenagers gathered in front of the entrance way. I had an idea:

“Who wants to be on You Tube?” Everyone wants to be on YouTube! One of the young women volunteered to be the Camera woman and several volunteered to be interviewed live. Cool.

When I got back to the car and tested the battery it was flat! Arrgh! I had forgotten to put it on charge. So, I quickly plugged in the charger and started up the car. I would put ten minutes juice in it, whilst I read though the opening on 1st Corinthians for today.

Ten minutes later I had my board and very partially charged up PA system and headed back for the Cathedral. Would those young folk still be there? Yes they would. It was half term and this is where they hung out.

I told them my plan.

1) I would do some one on one videos with dead Mics to give them some practice. This would allow me to charge up the PA a little more in the Cathedral
2) I would then take a ten minute break to recharge to Video Camera
3) We would then get together and go for a complete and seamless interview and proclamation session.

The interviews went as I expected. Silly, with some serious bits. Some were already high. As a side issue, thought he sun was out, it was cold…brrrr


I went back into the Cathedral and put the video back on charge and prayed. My phone went off and it was the Newspaper in Hull wanting a picture. I could not get one to them until 3:30pm at the earliest. They were cool with that.

Ten minutes had past, the PA was carrying a good charge and so off we went. I hope you find the end result a little interesting.

I stayed behind a little to speak to the young folks. They were really nice. My Camerawoman was freezing. One of the young guys, a Jehovah’s Witness, helped me with my gear back to the car where it was a pleasure to pray with him.

It was nearly 3:45pm and I needed to send the photo and see if I had a place to speak and a place to sleep tonight.

I took one of my fresh T Shirts and dropped it off the freezing Camera woman and gave the remainder of my Sorted Magazines to the young men.

Nero’s was warm and welcoming and a hot chocolate and Wi Fi allowed me to send the 10mb photo off to the Newspaper in Hull.

The Mayor of Wakefield called me and we chatted over the phone. I gave her verbal invitation to the National Day of Prayer but it didn’t look as those her schedule allowed us to meet so late in the day.

I had no place to speak tonight and no bed to sleep in. I tried to get a place in Leeds but everything was booked, but I did manage to get a budget place in Wakefield for £40.00. It could have been worse.

I had an infection under my bridge. I had had this before and it was simply cause by bad Dental hygiene. I could feel the infection spreading up my face and so it was time to go to boots and get all the bits I needed to try and fix this. I wish I had taken care of my teeth. An arm and a leg later, I had a cleaning kit and all the bits that should do the job.

The budget hotel was just that. Dirty carpets with duct tape, damaged doors, dirty curtains and dreadful colour scheme and pictures, but it still was twice as good as the dive I was in, in Glasgow.

I attended to my infection. Then my laptop went doowally. It looked as though I had a virus or someone was hacking into it. Sigh….That took me an hour to get on top of. I lined up the videos for the long time overnight upload, had black coffee, Ritz crackers and Peanut butter for my dinner, a hot bath, rang Bridget, did bit of typing and collapsed into bed. I needed to sleep. Day 46 was over. Twenty more to go. Honest, I wondered what tomorrow would bring?

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