Oct | 30 | Sun | Some Thoughts From The Road | Jubilee Day with 16 Days to Go

By Gods grace in just 16 Days time my journey to the 66 Cities in just 66 days will be over. I want to finish well and so I ask you to continue to pray for me that God would give me effective open doors to proclaim His word….with power.

I think on my journey there has been little power and the truth is, across the church there is little evidence of real power. The reason for this in me is that my life and my heart are not wholly taken up with the glories of the Kingdom of God and consequently my prayer life is pitiful and my heart knowledge of the Word of God is greatly lacking. I judge myself in these matters and find it to be so.

I am fairly well convinced that what is the cause of this lack of power in me is also the cause of real lack of power in the church and in you as well. It’s Sunday, day 50 and I am in Salford. As yet I have nowhere to speak and it’s raining…. So, I thought I would speak to you all this morning and just share a few observations thus far regarding the church in Britain, of which at the moment I feel somewhat more qualified than most people to speak about…so here goes…..

• We need reality

• We need to be raw with God and with one another

• We need to be gracious

• We need to be heart lookers and not look judges

• We need to be heart hearers and not lip readers

• We need to resurrect the church prayer meeting – it might just resurrect us!

• We need to leave the world for it is truly rancid and daily is ever increasingly surrounded by the fatter flies of madness.

• We need to watch less T.V.

• We need to play fewer games, and YOU know what I’m speaking about

• We need to preach the Word

• We need to tell some of our preachers to get better at their job or get a new one

• We need to stop making the excuse that we can’t listen to sermons for more than ten minutes

• We need to recognise that true listening requires diligence, effort, attention and hard work.

• We need to be different from the world, in what we desire, long for and look for, in what we desist from, gravitate toward and get – for – THERE IS NO REAL DIFFERENCE BETWEAN THE CHRISTIAN AND THE WORLD.

So there you go!

Please pray for me, as I with God’s grace and your help, finish this mission strong

Thanks so much! Victor Robert Farrell

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