56 of 66 | The City of LEICESTER | Christ in The Centre

THIS WAS LEICESTER | (See my Full 66 City Tour List by Clicking HERE)


I was up at 4:30 today and journaling up yesterdays adventures. In addition to this, I have to have completed an overview of the book of Psalms as the editorial deadline for the magazine I write for has been brought forward. SORTED will go into W.H. Smiths in January and so the heat is on!

I packed and breakfasted with this lovely family having very healthy poached egg on toast and was on the road by 9:00am. Leicester was not too far away. I was going to meet Rev Barry at one of his churches and speak at the jumble sale café.

It was great to meet Barry and another ‘Vicaress’ and of course to speak a little from the book of the day as well as do a couple of interviews


it just so happens that today, Barry and some others were interviewing a few prospective Messiahs and I was graciously allowed to come along and be a fly on the wall during the interview process.

‘Christ in the Centre’ is an annual event put on by a number of churches in Leicester which is in effect a resurrection (excuse the pun) of medieval passion plays. Being a multicultural city with several religious multicultural events has led to the privilege of a Good Friday passion play. With up to 10,000 onlookers, the 60 dedicated amateur staff are headed up by professional actor playing Jesus. I am told, and I believe it, that it is a VERY moving affair. I certainly hope to be in Leicester myself when the 2012 Christ in the Centre production goes live.

I got out of the interviews between 3 and 4pm maybe and headed over to the city of Derby to hunt me down a Maccy D’s. I had some serious preparation to do regarding the book of Psalms.
I must have arrived around 5pm and my first Maccy D’s next to the football stadium (I used to sell advertising space for the ‘Derby Ram’ by the way) did not have power sockets. Why have Wi Fi without power sockets? Mental. So I stayed until my battery died and got myself to KFC. It was a trial I can tell you. Have you ever tried to study the book of Psalms, when you are surrounded by screeching kids and a tiles floor with metal legged chairs. It was torture. Even so, I made my coffee last about three hours and got on best I could. Psalms was taking priority over everything at the moment, including my daily journaling and blog publishing. This had to get done. Now, you might be interested that each Bible Book overview for the mag will in totals take me an average of around 30 hours solid work, from my home study. Goodness knows what this was going to look like with 13 hours work mostly from KFC and Maccy D’s with a bad internet connection! Thank God for the internet, other hills to graze upon and those two marvellous gifts of the Holy Spirit called cut and paste!

I arrived at the people I was staying with tonight around 8:30pm. It was great to see Ron and Beryl again, both in their 70’s and both looking tremendous. They have a big mad chocolate Labrador to keep them young at heart. We all used to go to the same church together a long time ago when we lived in Derby and so we chatted over all times, caught up on family and people we knew, and they graciously allowed me to fall into bed around 10:00pm.

I got to bed. Called Bridget and honestly, only had the strength to say goodnight darling. I must have been asleep as I turned the light off. I am really beginning to feel the strain.

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