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I was up at 6:30am-ish today, packed, breakfasted with Ron and Beryl and out of the door by about 8:30am. The service started at around 11:45am and I wanted to be at the church by 10:15am. Apart from the Pastor, not many people knew I was coming, and that included Clive and Cath Barker, missionaries on furlough from Pakistan who are very dear to mine and Bridget’s hearts.

I parked in the centre of Derby just down from Green Lane. In 1977 I got the bus from Staveley to Chesterfield and then the train to Derby. I had an interview at the Royal Navy recruiting office. The Medical was carried out at what is now Admiral house on Green lane. I was a not a Christian and had no interest in Jesus whatsoever. Yet, less than 100 yards from this medical centre was the church I would be a member of and preach in not a few times, and then again, today. Amazing. By the by, I remember being naked in my medical and told to stand on my tip toes, flex my muscles and pirouette. I was 17, still less than 110 pounds when wet and I am sure they were having a laugh. I think they might get arrested nowadays.

I found a Nero’s to do some preparation from the book of Philemon and interestingly enough, walked past the very spot I first ever preached on in the open air. There should be a brass plaque on the ground which reads “He was here as well!”

Derby was mostly deserted on this Sunday Morning and I drove to the church and parked on a deserted road across from the church.

Trinity Baptist church has been around a long time. It’s had its upheavals for sure, but has been faithfully attended to by a number of committed folks over the years, and blow me down, the bald headed geezer on the sound desk was my old mucker Mark and both our kids had been a page boy and flower girl at his wedding with Maureen. How wonderful. Time has taken its toll on both of us; my belly and his follicles. Gail, another dear friend from the past asked me where I had parked my car and discovering that I had done so on a the street opposite, gave me a parking pass and told me to move it quick, as the collection sharks where very active on a Sunday. A Sunday? Parking’s free on a Sunday in most cities, even on single yellow lines and I was in a clear space?

I went out to find my solitary car being looked at intently my Mark’s wife Maureen. She did not recognise me. I couldn’t help myself. The spiritualist church was just up the road and so I shouted to Maureen “hey are you a Christian” and she says “yes” . “Well”says I, “I have a message for you from God”. Now I can see that Maureen’s a bit panicked so I deliver my message quickly. “At all costs, you must avoid bald men.” With that she turns and walks away! So I gently call after her “Maureen, it’s me” and she turns worried and says “Do I know you?” Now, I must admit, that I felt like Jesus with Mary in the garden of resurrection on a the first Lord’s day and was sorely tempted to say “Touch me not but get my disciples and tell them that…” But I didn’t. I just gave her a hug and said, “It’s me you daft thing, it’s Bob”. I really should have auditioned for Christ in the Centre; put my head in a bucket of Grecian 2000 and gone for it.

Pastor Murray welcomed me and Clive recorded the message from Philemon. I hope you are blessed. Many of the folks seemed to be and one young man in particular.

the Pastor was very quick off the mark and invited me to lunch with his delightful family. We dined on pasta, followed by apple crumble, ice-cream and custard. I am putting my stomach through hell for the sake of the GOSPEL!

Here is my interview with the Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church.

It was nearly 4pm when I left the lunch-time get together and arrived at yet another Maccy D’s, before arriving at my hosts for the evening, my very good friends Clive and Cath Barker.
The only power socket available for me again was in the kiddies section of Maccy D’s, where my ears were once again accosted my much screeching. Is this a new phenomena? Have kids always screeched with impunity? Have parents always had the insane ability not to let it bother others or themselves? Mind you, I was in the kids section. Even so. Have you tried finishing off a study in the book of Psalms on a Sunday afternoon in Derby surrounded by screeching kids? If this were ever used as torture I would ‘fess up’ to anything to make it stop.

I arrived at Clive’s at around 6:30pm. This was one of my biggest treats of the whole tour, to be sat with these good folk and you know, they fed me yet again and out of consideration of their efforts, I did eat and was no more an hungered. Clive gave me a very interesting interview and I recommend it to you


Despite the joy of being with Clive and Cath, I was well pooped and dropped into bed around 10:30pm. I am really beginning to feel the pace. I think I shall finish this tour most thoroughly exhausted and spent. Maybe that is how it should be. I have thus far given it my all and a little bit more besides.

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