58 of 66 | The City of SHEFFIELD | The Chinese are Coming!

THIS WAS SHEFFIELD | (See my Full 66 City Tour List by Clicking HERE)


I was zig-zagging North again today. Sheffield calleth, 58 of 66. Unusually for me, I was up late today at 7:00am and you know, I could have slept an awful lot longer. Hmmm.

It was great to have breakfast with Clive and his wife Cath. In my book, they are both giants and in heaven, I hope to be allowed into the ‘great reward’ area to visit with them there. It’s not a theological statement but you know what I mean. This had been a real treat. What I have not told you yet, is that in 1984, we moved back from the USA and next door to some young unmarried Rolls Royce engineers. Clive was one of them and it was our pleasure to lead him to Jesus. To see Clive again today and to see Jesus in him in such strength, was a gift to me beyond description.

I was on the road before nine. It was a typical November morning in Derbyshire. Miserable. Arriving in the city, my Sat Nav took me to a Maccy d’’s that had Wi Fi but no power sockets. They all seem like this in this part of the world. I assume they want to maintain a regular customer turnover. Certainly the Maccy D’s I was in yesterday had cameras clocking your car as you went in and a system that issued £80 fines if you dared to stay over two hours. And they had no power sockets. Cheek.

Still, this Maccy D’s was warm and though my Laptop battery died pretty quickly I managed to get my badly constructed 4 page overview on the Psalms off to the Magazine designer and editorial staff. I am very unhappy with 50% of it and no doubt will be reworking it before it actually goes to print. Anyhoo, after the quick death of my laptop my iPad got me the telephone numbers I desired.

I was there about an hour or so and in the end my day lined up as follows

  • 12:00am |A Nero’s café coffee meeting with Christina Boote who is the Face Book prayer coordinator for 66Cities. It will be the first time we have ever physically met!
  • 12:45pm | An interview with Madame Lord Mayor of Sheffield
  • 16:00pm | Interview at the Chaplaincy of Sheffield University
  • 17:00pm | An invitation to a discussion group at the University Arms in Sheffield
  • 19:30pm | An invitation to visit and speak at 21:00 to the International Café in Sheffield which was mostly attended by Chinese folk.

Praise God!

Sheffield has a nightmare one way system and I managed to temporarily park up next to the famous Crucible theatre. Here I met up with Christina. It was great to finally meet her and I parked her up in Nero’s whilst I went to see the Lord Mayor. We would grab a coffee together later.

The Mayors Parlour in Sheffield has to be the biggest one I have ever seen. Again may I thank the Lord Mayor for giving me time out of her very busy schedule to meet with me.

I managed to get back and spend a very quick twenty minutes with a very patient Christina. It was great to hear her story and find out just how active she was in her church. She has been through a great deal and if you get chance to hear how God has healed here and helped her, then you will be truly blessed. So, why not get onto the 66 Cities group on facebook and drop her a line.

I had to find somewhere to stay tonight and managed to negotiate a reduced rate for two nights at the Brittania hotel in my next city of Nottingham. Yes, I had decided that I would make the journey tonight even if it meant arriving very late. They had free Wi Fi and as it was in the centre of the city I would save money on parking. Sorted.

I went back to the socket-less Maccy D’s and got some lunch/dinner and took it to my car. I sat in the front seat with the laptop plugged into the cigarette lighter and power convertor and accessed the internet and began to prepare for this evenings internet Café message and also to see if I could find any way to link the book of Hebrews into the University arms discussion on the efficacy and morality of University fees. Hmmm

Rev Kat welcomed me into the chaplaincy and I collected 4 very interesting interviews!


The university arms discussion was like any good discussion done over beer. Kat graciously invited me to make some comments at the end. So I made a few interesting observations about the kingdom of God and then did and interview and left these good folks to get down to the International Café

I arrived at 7:30pm at the Café. These folks have been at this for about 7 years. It is in the heart of student accommodation land and sponsored and staffed by several churches. At the prayer meeting before hand it was made very clear that my method of communication had to very simple indeed and had to be seen as being part on an ongoing evangelical process. No problems. Though, it is very surprising that Chinese high level degree students would be troubled by the English language.

The place was packed. Good job guys. And you know, in chatting with these highly intelligent students it was obvious that they did indeed struggle somewhat with the English language. Don’t we all! But hey, these are the bravest of the brave, coming across the world to study in another language in another country. I am sure the University system is making a packet out of foreign students and I wonder if they will be the primary customers in the emerging education market. Certainly a lot of Brits will not be able to afford to go to Uni. Interestingly, purely as an observation, the Midlands do appear to be awash with Chinese folk.

After speaking from Hebrews I spent a little time talking to a nice Chinese and Taiwanese guy before departing around 9:45pm for the City of Nottingham and my waiting bed.
I arrived around 10:45 and had to stand behind several Chinese folk who were also checking in. This was the night staff, and they were more grumpy than me. I was shocked to find out that there was no parking! I had to park across the way in a very expensive public parking lot. Ridiculous! But I was too tired to complain and so parked my car and pulled by case and bag back to my room on the 8th floor. I had a great view of wet Nottingham in the midnight hours.
I logged on to YouTube and lined up my videos. I even sent off an email to the Mayor of Derby ref my parking ticket.

Dear Mr Mayor
I wonder if you might help me.
I was sorry, that it being a Sunday when I visited Derby, I could not try and get an interview with you. So far on my tour of our nation’s 66 Cities in just 66 Days to speak from each of the 66 Books of the Bible, I have had the privilege of interviewing 12 Mayors, Lord Mayors and Lord Provosts. Maybe we could do a telephone interview? Any way sir, my tour brought me to my 57th city (Derby) on Sunday. I was pleased to be interviewed on BBC Radio Derby and then to have the opportunity to speak at my old church on Green Lane, Trinity Baptist church. I parked up on Forester Street and went into the Church to make myself known. I was told to return to my car quickly and given a Trinity Parking Pass. Unfortunately, it seems within minutes, on a totally deserted street I was given a ticket! I have been in 56 cities in 56 days and this has never happened. Especially on a Sunday. I was quite surprised for sure. I am pretty sure that in contacting the relevant dept myself to get this unexpected ticket rescinded would be to no avail at all and so sir, I am asking if you and your dept might be able to get this ticket cancelled. I hope you don’t this too cheeky Mr Mayor, but to be ticketed so very quickly, on a completely empty street on a very quiet Sunday Morning was quite the surprise! Whatever happens sir, I thank you for reading this email and wish you and your city well
I remain your obedient servant, Rev. Victor Robert Farrell

It had been a long day, and I eventually dropped into bed around midnight. I was knackered.

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