60 of 66 | The City of LINCOLN | Bringing to a Feast

THIS WAS LINCOLN| (See my Full 66 City Tour List by Clicking HERE)


I was up at 06:00am this morning, packed up and down at breakfast by 07:00am. It was horrible. Avoid Brittania Nottingham. Not very good.

I checked out, paid the £20 to get my car out of the parking lot and was on the road by 08:00 to Lincoln. City 60 of 66.

I pulled into a Maccy D’s just outside the coffee, and loaded up with porridge and Cappuccino, which is the only way to start the day. I started networking and calling, from a booth with a power socket. Amazing.

I called the Mayor and her PA said she would try and contact here even though ti was her day off. I got a call back around 5pm from her PA, telling me that the Mayor had been uncontactable all day. Good on her! If you’re having a break, hide your cell phone!

• I called the ‘Tommy Cooper Memorial Church’ which quite frankly made me giggle, and left a message for the Pastor.
• I texted a Pastoral friend to see if I could kip at his house Thursday and Friday night. I could!
• I called the Methodist church but they had nothing going on today.
• I called the largest church in Lincoln but they had nothing going on today
• I called the five other churches but no one answered the phone
• I called the Methodist church but they had nothing going on today.
• I called the local University and left a message but no one got back to me
• I called BBC Lincoln and left a message with the newsroom
• I called Lins FM and spoke to the presenter who would give me a plug
• I rang hospital radio but no one answered

I decided to go into Lincoln a.s.a.p. and see if anything could be done in the Cathedral. I met Verger Michaels’s brother in law, (the one from St Peter’s yesterday) who happens to be Deans verger but I there was no way anything could be done today. The majestic Cathedral of Lincoln looked as though it might explode with business and preparation with the events of the coming weekend.

I went back to the car, scratching my head as to why nothing seemed to be opening up. John Lonsdale up in Aberdeen even called and hooked me up with another minister down here, but all to no avail. Lincoln seemed to be spiritually closed as a city on a Wednesday. As I despaired, The BBC called and asked if I could go to the studios at 14:30 for an interview. I would be there.

Now, I had seen the word NOMAD on a number of Lincoln web sites and it appeared to be a Christian charity dealing with the homeless in Lincoln. So, as I could not get anyone to pick the phone up. I went to knock on the door and was kindly allowed in to get an interview with one of their street workers.

Through them I had heard of another church St Mary Le Wigford (who knows?) but it is a very old church and you know has an interesting history some people saying that that King stephen tethered his horse here in the tower during fight with Maud, and subsequently Henry II had his son crowned here and possibly himself in 1154…this is of course challenged by various historians but if there is any truth in it, then it would be probably the only church in England outside Westminster Abbey to hold a coronation! Now, it was under Rev Jeremy and his team, crowning the abject homeless with warmth and honour. Anyways, I went hunting for it.

Unfortunatly I could not find it, so pacified myself with a bacon brie and cranberry Paninini. Nice. By now, I had to go and get back to the car and go visit the BBC. I arrived dead on time, was greeted, taken into the studio and the five minute interview would be broadcast tonight on drive time sometime between 5 and 7pm

I got back out to the car and Pastor Mike called me from Thomas Cooper Memorial church who really wanted to help. Lovely. So I would be speaking tonight at the mid week prayer meeting. Thank you Lord.

Following this, I managed to speak to Rev. Jeremy of St Mary’s Le Wigford and he would be able to see me asap.

Rev Jeremy has been around a bit. A former paratrooper, Major in the British Army and intelligence officer means he’s had a bit of a colourful past. He would not go with all of my Theology for sure, but I tell you, the work he is doing in this broken down old church is just stunning.


It was getting dark and I needed to find a bed for tonight. I decided just to drive around and see what I could see. The Pines guest house was on the corner, it had WORKING Wi Fi and for £35 bed and breakfast looked like a real and blessed option. I really needed to try and upload some stuff!

So I parked the car, got the room and went to work, transferring, and lining up the video uploads. It was about 5pm by now and I had 2.5 hours to go before I met Pastor Mark at Tommy Coopers.

It was great to be with my FIEC family at TCM church in Lincoln and a privilege to share from 1st Peter before a good straight forward prayer meeting!

I got back to my room around 9:30 and rang Bridget. I tried to get on with the type ups but you know, I was so pooped, I just had to go to bed. I am shattered and just hoping I can get through the next few days.

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