63 of 66 | The City of ELY | And Nothing but the Tuth

THIS WAS ELY REMEMBRANCE DAY | (See my Full 66 City Tour List by Clicking HERE)


I slept really well last night and awoke around 6pm. By 8:45 I had updated the website, washed, packed and was on the road for 8:45am.The roads were clear and it wasn’t long before I was in Ely. It was around 10:00am and I parked the car and, got hold of my stuff and began walking into the city centre.
I could not get hold of the Cathedral staff to ask for free parking, but it didn’t matter too much as this was free and Ely is not a big city.

I hadn’t gone but 50 yards before I found a church with the doors open and a course going on. I popped my head in and asked if I could stay a while. I was well greeted, given a cup of coffee and listened to some course instruction on ‘How to hear from God’ by recognizing God’s voice as spontaneous thoughts and realizing the importance of two way journaling.’ The Christian church this morning had 10 older ladies and two older men. I was the youngest and the other was a former Pastor in town. The subject matter was ‘experimental’. I bought a book and left to continue on into town.

2nd John, the letter I was speaking on today, is all about the truth. It is the test of the saints and truth and love go together like grace and peace, and as peace comes out of grace, so love comes out of truth. In other words, truth trumps love. It always will. No I know that sounds hard, but you need to take that up with god and not with me. These last 60 days have seen me filling the role of a travelling preacher and everything I have done must be according to the truth, indeed, if has not been, then you my prayerful readers have in some way partaken in my sin. This is tough stuff isn’t it? And this is what I was going to speak about to a group of prayer walkers who would be returning from a couple of hours of walking and praying around and over their city.

2nd John is usually described as a letter to ‘The Elect Lady’ and today I was heading to the Countess of Huntingdon Chapel to get a snapshot from a great paining of ‘The Elect Lady’ herself, Selina Countess of Huntingdon. I was told that her picture had been moved to the gallery of the chapel, but when I arrived the local amateur dramatics group was in full swing and they didn’t know where it was. It would have to wait until I met the Pastor. So, I was out on the street again until my high noon appointment at the church they would be meeting back at.

It was a beautiful day and the City centre was buzzing, I mean it looked like market day and it was packed. My eyes connected with a Big Issue guy and we got talking. Now this geezer was different to all the rest. He was happy, almost content, not on drugs, very healthy looking and well fed. You see, for him, this vagabond lifestyle was for him. I reckoned he made around £250 a week in selling the Big Issue. He slept in homeless shelters so his overheads were minimal. He bought food, ate well, was clean and banked his profits money every day. He seemed more than OK. He didn’t want to be interviewed and eventually asked me to move on as he had 25 Big Issues to sell and money to make. He wished me well on my journey. A different kind of entrepreneur.

I was hungry and the church where I was having my 12:00 appointment had a coffee shop, no more than that, it had free Wi Fi and even more than that, it had a sugar business with some 15 ladies learning to make sugar items. I love sugar!

Two toasted tea cakes later, all topped with strawberry Jam, I managed to interview the owner and her daughter. Amazingly the owner had gone to the same school as my wife!



It wasn’t long after this that the intrepid prayer walkers had returned and I was pleasantly surprised to find among them, two delightful Christian ladies from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who spoke beautiful French and had arrived in Britain via Belgium. Their observations on a nation that had sent them missionaries was both fascinating and embarrassing. I thank God that they are here.


After sitting with the prayer walkers and listen to them unpack their observations and impressions, I was again reminded that we are sailing far from the isle of rationalism and close to the shores of postmodern paganism. I am not knocking it, I am simply making some navigational observations. I am going to be investigating and commenting on this much further in the coming days.


The lovely Pastor invited me to lunch and fed me well. Then we popped into the church where I found Selina facing the wall for protection. I told Karl that I would be more than happy to take her with me and give her a good home. You see, I am an ordained Countess of Huntingdon Connexion Minister…but that’s a story for another day. Today I was going home.

I visited the Cathedral on the way back to my car, and mused over visiting the Ely home of God’s Englishman, Cromwell. But Bridget called. So, I turned the car South and headed on my way.

The rest is my business 🙂


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