66 of 66 | The City of WESTMINSTER | To The Jews Last?

THIS WAS WESTMINSTER To The Jews First | (See my Full 66 City Tour List by Clicking HERE)


I was planning to preach at speakers corner in Hyde Park in the City of Westminster at 2pm. I might need to take some step ladders to stand on and so with the PA system, I would need the car. I logged on and paid the £10 congestion charge to enter that part of London (Another carbon tax rip off! My goodness, even churches are talking about having small carbon footprint campuses! I am sure we will get into the are where we are doing low carbon footprint evangelism, I mean, we’ve already taken the sulphur emissions out!)

Just in the very cold but nice weather changed today I wanted to make sure that I had a backup location and some interviews lined up.

  • I rang the Lord Mayor of Westminster. Her PA would get back to me. She did. The Mayor just could not squeeze me in, but wished me well. Obviously she was preparing for tomorrow’s event at which she would have a prominent presence.
  • I emailed a couple of prominent evangelical churches. They never got back to me. Ever.
  • I emailed Christian radio. No response.
  • I got an email from Mark who was with me at the first preach. He had pulled his back out when getting out of bed and was in agony. He would not be joining me today. Sigh. I would have to find another camera man from somewhere.

I got back board and marked it up for the last book of the Tour

“The City of Westminster.
Book 66 of 66!”

So, I was on the road by 10:30am and the day was lovely. So different to yesterday. The Park Lane car park had loads of spaces and I managed to park the car almost under speaker’s corner. I loaded up my rucksack and I was off to see who was around. It was tourists.

Speaker’s corner was going to be a great place over the weekend but today, it was going to be a bit of a dead loss today.

I walked around the area looking at it from every angle, trying to find the best position to hit the tourists with a message from the book of Revelation. I got cup of coffee. Prayed, looked prayed. Thought, prayed, mused. Prayed scratched my head and prayed some more.
I got up, packed up my bag and began to go and look for another spot in Westminster.

A text came in from my mate Pete Snelling who worked for the Sally Bash up in London. It said “Praying for God’s protection for you and your family today. Asking that your voice will be His and that ears will be open and hearts changed. Bless U.”

I replied to the text with an “Amen” and then began to walk out Hyde Park. Blow me down, if on the very edge of the park I didn’t bump into Pete Snelling right there! He had taken the afternoon off and had come looking for me. Bless him.

So, it was back to speakers corner and with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand, I parked my already haemorrhoidal behind on a very cold outdoor coffee bench just to see if I could grow the grapes of wrath a little more larger than they already were. No healing Evangelist has yet to lay his hand on those bad boys and frankly, if I anyone asked, I would politely decline. Did you know Wigglewsworth suffered with the grapes of wrath terribly for all of his life. Yes indeed, I wonder if a thorn in the side could be contemporised by saying a pain in the rear?

So there we were, me, Pete and a few seated tourists and passers by, when all of a sudden a young guy in his mid twenties walks by us, plonks his bag and jacket down by the railings in from of us all and says something like

“Well, this is speakers corner, so I want to talk about my philosophy on life, which is having fun” and away he went.

Now how can I sum up his philosophy? Well, it was very simply, to go through life facing all things whilst whistling, “Always look on the bright side of life”. It was mental. But you know, Rob (that was his name) did great. It takes some guts just to stand up and for the first time ever, and publicly unpack your own personal philosophy on life and the universe. It was utter drivel, but man what courage and let me tell you, what a nice bloke as well!

I heckled him all the way. But not nastily, no, just good banter. I shouted and asked him if we was on drugs, medication, in therapy, and if he had really thought it all through to which he constantly and thoughtfully responded. I tell you I took my hat off to him.

He came to sit down after his delivery and we shook hands and talked. His friend Michael sat to my right. Michael was from New York and had some kind of a faith. He believed in Jesus, but really it was the cosmic Christ and not the Christ of the bible. Super guys though. I mean we had a great time.

Now it was my turn and time for them to heckle.

I passed Pete the Camera and stood up to do my thing. I spoke for about 5 minutes and not one heckle, on the contrary, they listened intently and when I finished they applauded.

As I went to sit down again, they stood up, shook my hands and we embraced. I tell you, these were lovely guys.

We sat down and spoke a little more. Rob and Michael were both Jews. Michael knew of the day of atonement and all it entailed, rob did not. We spoke to them about Jesus and His sacrifice and parted on the very best of terms. Two nicer blokes I have not met on this tour. Please pray for these two fellas that they might find Jesus as their Saviour, Lord and Messiah.

And that was that. My final wee preach to two lovely Jewish guys, a few Spaniards and some passers by and just to top it all, I had failed to put the camera on video and so all Pete had down was take a couple of snapshots. I am such a Wally. However, I was very cold and very tired Wally.

Across from Marble Arch tube station, Pete treated me to some hot food in Pete a Manger, which was manned by French ladies. After which we got the car, and I drove up to the Abbey to collect the ticket for tomorrows celebrations, I turned Southwards once more and dropped Pete off at his home in Croydon and crawled through traffic all the way back to Sevenoaks where I arrived around 6pm. The tour was now all but over bar the shouting.

Chicken Curry, hot tea and tele. I was asleep by 8:00pm again. I was done in.

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