2011 Tour Accounts

Fuel                           £827.15  (actual mileage travelled was 6,500 miles)
Car Parking             £177.07
Lodging                    £809.95 (I think I had to pay for 24 nights)
Café & Food            £232.74 ( I am sure I spent more in Maccy D’s than I have receipts for)
PA & Props              £351.04
Camera Hire            £40.00
*Other Expenses   £699.99

(* Any thing from sleeping bags, tent, Ferry Crossings, Phone Bills etc)

Total                   £3,147.84

Total                    £3,186.60

Total                    £38.76


  • Income came from some 24 sources of individuals and organisations
  • Income DOES NOT INCLUDE free stuff like Video work & advertising from UCB & Premier Christian Radio, Car Loan from Mitchell & Co, Insurance from Chris Knot, Assistance from Sorted & The Breakout Trust and the many hours of free planning and advice from Mayflower Services and Associates
  • Income DOES NOT INCLUDE the many great people who put me up in their home and fed me, or bought me a meal.
  • Expenditure does not include the loss of earnings we had hoped the tour would generate for the many months I have put into planning and preparation

This is a general overview

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1 Response to 2011 Tour Accounts

  1. jabulani9 says:

    A profit? God is good!

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