Servants ALL

Servants are almost always available. Leaders rarely are.

It was my privilege during this 66 Day Tour of the UK’s 66 Cities, to be able to gain access to some of our leading Civic dignitaries, most of which, quite frankly, were FAR MORE  available and accessible than any of our conservative Evangelical leaders and churches.

No matter their past, their current connectivity or their political persuasion, I was singularly impressed by their work ethic, impartiality, service and love of their cities. It was inspiring! So much so, that I think every Church leadership course in every Christian institution should pay to send their students to spend a day with any of our Mayors and especially to see the background workings of all our democratic local council political functions. We could learn an awful lot. Indeed, it would do us good to extend an annual invitation to each Mayor at the end of their term of service to come and speak to the student body about serving the community.

Anyhoo…..A SPECIAL THANKS to every one of these folks.

City Number 31 | Newry | Mayor | Charlie Casey

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