Marching in at Number 01 | General The Lord Dannatt with “I’m Picking Up Good Foundations”

In today at Number 02 | Mayor Charlie Casey with “There’s Gotta Be More Than This”

Down to Number 03 | Hannah Malcom with “You’re asking me all the wrong questions baby”

Down To Number 04 | Lena with “Only If I’m Relevent!” (worth watching until the end!)

Down to Number 05 | The Bishop of Norwich with “I’m a Mess – You’re a Mess!”

Down Number 06 | Peter Greyling with “Pursuade Me Now!”

Straight in at Number 07| The Kingdom Sisters with “I’m Going Back to My First Love”

In at Number 08| Chloe with “Sirrelevent Innit”

In at Number 09 | Leah with “All The While, It’s Jeremy Kyle”

Just in at Number 10 | David with “I Don’t Understand The Question”


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1 Response to TOP 10 INTERVIEWS

  1. Cort Mankin says:

    Brilliant work, Robert. Of the above 4, I was most impressed with the interview with Hannah. An intelligent, well-spoken young lady. Well done! We need 66 weeks over here across the pond, that’s for certain.

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